Sentinel Lobe Biopsy And Mastectomy


I had a SLB and mastectomy on the 30th March. For the last couple of days my arm pit is so sore I can’t touch it. Even my clothes touching it hurt. Trying to shower is horrendous, I am normally really good with pain but this is off the scale.

Anyone else had the same?  I have my hospital tomorrow for my results and don’t want to mention it because they will think I am a wuss ?



hi Tracey,
No, you’re not a wuss & if there’s something that’s worrying you, then that’s what they’re there for! They will check the wound anyway, so don’t be stoic & suffer in silence!
Wishing you all the very best for the results.
take care
ann x

Please mention it when you have your appointment. I was told to expect some pain there by physio as they take a node out and then prod around to take samples of others. It takes awhile for it to settle down as tissue is moved a bit to get to nodes.


Also bruising gradually works it way outwards, I was yellow around there for a bit. They also drained seroma and said it wouldn’t hurt when they stuck a needle in, told me it would still be numb. They were so wrong and I felt it go in and could feel the fluid draining. 

Hi tgregory, I think you need to mention it so it can be looked at and you can be looked after. No way will they think you are a wuss!!! In the meantime, are you taking any pain killers? I was sent home with some, and told I could top up with ibroprufin and paracetamol. Certainly got me through the first week. You can’t use ordinary shower gel on your wounds until they’re healed a bit, but I guess you know that? Any way, get the hospital told and ask for suggestions. X

Hi Tracey!

I had lumpectomy and SNB on 30th March! My underarm is still really sore and have pain in my rib under scar…can’t bear to take my bra off!

Would love to feel pain free and happy again!

Sandra x

Can i just ask does everyone get this sentinel node biopsy thing? I’m getting my op on Tuesday afternoon for a mastectomy and have to go early in the morning for something to do with nodes. Will this be it even though they think my lymph nodes aren’t involved by scans etc xx

I thought it might be that I’m having not really looked at the letters properly think am too scared! So I should expect a lot of pain then ? I’m such a wimp with pain too x

So am I correct in thinking if it’s in the sentinel node it’s in all lymph nodes? Or am I wrong x

Oh right… yeah it’s totally confusing. I’ve just about got my head around all the different bc names. Previous to this I thought their was just one brwssy cancer and that’s it! So it’s a good thing if it’s in there? Is this related to clear margins I see a lot of people talking about? Sorry for all the questions… I just learn one thing then I need answers to 50 more! X

Breast not brwssy haha

I see I thought that was linked to the lymph nodes. I’m having a mastectomy anyway so that won’t affect me. Thank you :slight_smile:

How do they know if it’s in the lymph nodes? During my ultrasound they scanned under my arm and took measurements and photos of under my arm … is that possibly what they were looking at? X

Thanks Debbie xx the pain under my arm is pretty sore but they didn’t even mention lymph nodes to me so I have no idea what they were looking for they did scan under my arm and they measured it on the ultrasound screen and took photos xx

Hi Ladies,


I had a mx and SNB on 13th December last year and my SNB is still very painful and I still have a seroma.  I have told the Onc and he just said it wasn’t unusual for it still to be hurting this far along.  My mx scar is a combination of numbness, tingling and tenderness, but I was told that this was normal as well. It also hurts more on my week of SE’s during my chemo. (4th one next week). 


Susan x

A year later ?do they have to do this ? X

Sorry I miss read the last message I thought it said last year meaning a year ago! Excuse me by brain is very muddled at the minute xx