Sentinel node biopsy

Hi everyone. I’d really appreciate your help on this. My partner is booked for a mastectomy on November 22nd. Her mammograms and ultrasounds (she’s had two of each) have all been clear and there is no palpable lump, but the core biopsy confirmed Paget’s. How soon after the mastectomy will we have the result of the sentinel node biopsy? And has anyone had the same situation as my partner, yet still needed radiotherapy/chemotherapy?

Thank you in advance.

Not quite the same position but my node results came back after two weeks. I think they were probably around a couple of days before but it fitted with my post op appointment although saying that on the second op I had they weren’t too sure if the results would be back.

All the best to you both


Like Reeb I do not have pagets but sentinel biopsy results tend to take two weeks. They did try to have them more quickly in the past, but two weeks is how long it takes for the results to become clear. Hope some of the girls who had pagets see this as they would be able to give you more idea. Good luck debx

sorry i haven’t Padgets either but my node results were back in 10 days
this may help? x Julie

Thank you everyone. I was foolishly hoping we’d know straight away :frowning: