Seriously unimpressed : tamoxifen bearded lady

Hi Weena

Should have said yes 3 years on (before chemo I had long hair that I loved) everyone tells me how young I look and cant believe Im the same person (which I am definitely not) so good does come from bad. Sorry been off this site for awhile and posted under aniversaries and immediately fell back into wanting to help lol


Thats fantastic. 3 years I cant wait til i can say that. I think this site needs people like you to inspire those of us going through it now!!! I bet in some ways it only feels like yesterday to you. I love my hair now and will be sad to loose it. However ive had short hair b4 and it looked ok so not worried about that. On saying all that I would like to tolerate the cold cap and hope it would work. Dont start til after xmas so we’ll see.

Debbie. XXX

If I was to give you any advice it would be to not try and return to the past it just puts too much pressure on you try and change to finding a new you, good luck


Hi I had the downy furry stuff after chemo and made the mistake of using facial hair removing cream and now I have to use it every week sometimes more often.I really wouldn’t recomend trying to get rid of it,try and persevere for a while and see if it goes on its usualy does.I wish thats what I had done.

Best wishes Melxx

Just wanted to deny that all women over 50 have facial peach fuzz! I haven’t, although I assume this will come as I’ve only had a week of Tamoxifen.

guess we are all different.I don’t think it is the tamoxifen that causes it I think it’s the hair coming back after chemo.might be wrong though :slight_smile:


A friend who had chemo a few years ago warned me that we get facial hair but have been advised not to use anything to remove it. It falls out on it’s own after a while though she can’t remember how long before this happens. Anyone out there know?

Chemo and no tam. Serious facial hair for 2 months post chemo. Good news is that it has all gone now!

my oncology nurse said it usually settles and comes out on its own after a few months ive also been on Tamoxifen since end of sept and do have slight downy fine facial hair like extensions to sideboards ha ha x

I too had the glorious Tamoxifen beard - it appeared after chemo finished and I started the Tam, so I had attributed it to the Tam rather than chemo, but i guess it could be either.

Anyway, the good news is that the fuzz seems to have disappeared. When I saw this thread I realised that I hadn’t noticed it in the mirror for a while (though I avoided mirrors for a time!!) I have had a good look and it is definitely not there, or at least not visible/noticeable. The other thing is that when I had almost no hair it was very visible, and I think that now I have more hair ( my chemo perm)it would be less obvious too.

Hope this helps.


This is a serious downer for me. I already have several dozen really dark bristles that I’ve been pulling out of my chin pretty much since puberty and I ALWAYS carry a pair of tweezers with me for when I notice that sharp bristly feeling. :frowning: I’ll have to ask if tweezers are ok as I don’t think I’ll cope with any more than I have already! Not yet started on Tamoxifen but I know it’s on the cards.

Hi all
I am so glad to read that I am not the only one with facial hair. I am 9 mths post chemo and have been on Tamoxifen for 6mths. My onc tells me that facial hair is rare (?) and due to tamoxifen. In fact he laughed when I told him - not very helpful. Anyway its very soft and blonde but very dense. When it got to a centimetre long I shaved it off - I just couldn’t stand it anymore. It shows no sign of going away. Now I may be 57 but I’m a working girl and was getting very embarressed around my colleagues in my office. Not that they would make fun of me but its just not right. I’m probably being over-sensitive but the constant reminder was driving me nuts. I’ve tried to be as normal as possible during all the treatment and this isn’t normal.

Well thats my moaning finished for this year. May I wish all of you all the best for 2011 and keep those chins up!


Hi Gwendolyn
I should have been more accurate and said that a lot of post-menopausal women have a fine peach fuzz of facial hair, rather than saying over 50 as I did. Sorry!
To ChoccieMuffin
Don’t keep pulling those few irritating hairs out with tweezers - I did that for years and all that happens is they get darker and stronger. I finally decided to get mine sorted out properly and have been having electrolysis on them for the last year or so. Some have now died off and the rest are getting weaker, but it takes time after encouraging the little buggers for years by pulling them out by the roots!
Sarah x

Bum. Too late there then, Cheesie, I’ve been yanking out those suckers for the last 30-odd years! :smiley:

Seriously though, would laser treatment do the job for the fine downy stuff? I know it’s supposed to do something for dark hairs (I did actually manage to zap one or two of the 50 or so dark bristles I have) but I don’t know if it does the trick for hairs with not a lot of pigment in them. Also, would oncs and surgeons and consultants and all the other specialists say that laser treatment is a no-no? Or even an epilator (ouch)?

I have the downy soft blonde fluff below my greying sideburns!! First we complain that we have no hair then we complain that it grows back in very unwanted places oh the fun fun fun
Xx Suze Xx

Does electrolysis hurt?

Well, there I was, 45, fit, healthy, not overweight, and then i got IT.

Now, amongst all of the other probs from treatment I find I have chin hairs and what can only be described as lanugo on my face (you know, what newborns have). AND my leg and girlie-part hairs are sprouting massively whilst my eyelashes are still in the dunce’s corner.

I never had chin hairs before. I hardly ever had to shave my leg hairs (now daily). And my girlie-part hairs have spread to places they’d never have dreamed of spreading.

Never mind bearded lady. I am the monkey-girl. :-(>

Hi ChoccieMuffin
I’m advised that laser treatment doesn’t work on any blond hairs, only the dark ones.
Hi Gwendolyn
Yes! But it only stings a little bit if it’s done by an experienced person. The area that hurts like s**t is any hairs on the top lip, that brings tears to your eyes. If you come out with red lumps afterwards that means they have used too high a voltage to get the hairs out quickly. If done properly it shouldn’t be sore afterwards.
Sarah x

Hi Gwendoline
I’ve been having electrolysis for the last few years and it’s the best cosmetic investment I have ever made. It doesn’t really hurt although I agree that anything near the top lip stings like mad. But on the chin is fine. My hair is barely noticeable now and whereas before I had fortnightly appointments now I go 6 0r 8 weeks between appts.My confidence has improved greatly. I was told off for using tweezers by electrolysis lady but Ihad been doing it for years and years so eventually electrolysis is working on those tough little bristles. Go for it, if you can afford it. It’s expensive but as I said earlier I’d probably spend as much on creams and other cosmetics and not end up with a good result. Good luck if you go for it. Annys xx

Bumping for billia. I had assumed my beardedness was tamoxifen but on reflection chemo is a likely candidate. Chemo finished in august, tamox started september. Fluff not as bad now.