Seroma 7 months post mx with LD flap.

In Feb '15 I had bi mx with LD recon and all was well. I had to have some fluid build up drained twice after surgery but the next time I was seen, it was decided to leave the small amount that had built up as it was thought it would drain by itself which I think it did. Now here I am, 7 months later with an enormous seroma on the left side of my back, diagnosed yesterday by ultra sound. It is very uncomfortable, feels like I have a hard balloon stuffed down my back and I’m finding it very difficult to sit and lie for long. My BCN is trying to get me an appointment to see my plastic surgeon next week but has said that they don’t always want to drain them! Does anyone have any experience of this? I got the feeling it was quite unusual for it to happen so long after surgery when everything was healing well. Thanks in anticipation! 

Like me,had seroma,but in abdomen,following my DIEP last year…but has since encapsulated and gone into pockets.Have had 2 operations to try and get rid of it,and been referred back to my plastic team…I had been discharged from them and gone back to my surgeon who carried out my mastectomy wih implants,that failed .

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My surgeon did intimate this happened with LD Flaps…you may require an ultrasound to see what has happened .