seroma problem

hi. i had mastectomy on 07/12 and have had seroma fluid drained once since. it has now built up again and i’m reluctant to keep having it drained as i want it to clear on it’s own. it’s now gone quite firm and the skin over it is pinky/red in colour. is this what normally happens?

I had to have my seroma drained 5 times post surgery removing up to 500mls on one occasion. Pink red can some times be a sign of infection if the area is warm to touch it might be worth talking to your breast care nurse.
I hope things settle down soon.
Jano x

I used to have seroma problems and this is what worked for me.

I started to recognise when i was overdoing it - and rest. I also didnt lift with that side arm. I even didnt do all the walking that I used to do - just paced myself daily.

Exercise a little to keep things moving but do not overdo things and it should just all go away - mine took a while to settle but after that it seems to sink back to the body.

I think we just try to be the person we were but we are not that person anymore. Try to rest as many times during the day as you work hard.

hope things settle for you too - its still new and I think you need to rest a bit.

wishing you the best possible 2011

Hi Jo Jo

I had a troublesome seroma that went on for months. I won’t bore you with the details but I advise you to see someone ASAP if the area is now red/pink. I had an infection in mine last christmas and because of the delay because of christmas I ended up having surgery to open and drain it. You may need anitbiotics - please check.


At least have the nurse check for infection, which may mean aspirating some of the fluid anyhow. Try cold packs–soemthing like flexible freezer packs wrapped in a tea towel or a chilled wet flannel in a sandwich bag–for discomfort, but see the nurse.

I had my seroma aspirated 9 times, it probably lasted over six months but eventually it settled. Some units offer steroid injections to help. Mine didn’t respond to that unfortunately. But have it checked for possible infection to be safe! X