Seroma? Pus filled breast?

Hi, I’m 4 weeks post op for a bilateral mx with goldilocks reconstruction. My right boob was getting increasingly swollen and painful so saw my surgeon on Monday. She drained off 500ml of ‘sterile pus’ and said if I hadn’t have gone it would have found its own way out! Unfortunately only 2 days later on the way to collect my daughter from school, that’s exactly what happened. I was soaked with fluid/pus. Came home and it just kept coming . I did phone hospital and they didn’t seem too concerned but it frightened me. Is this normal? It’s still oozing now intermittently so must be producing more each time I’ve emptied it. I was on antibiotics last week as a nurse thought there was a possible infection brewing but they haven’t done anything . Would stronger meds sort this out? I’m phoning the hospital again tomorrow but I’m not sure what I should be doing right now if anything??? Xx

Hi Karen50

I hope you managed to get some support today when you phoned the hospital.  If you still need information and support do give our Helpline a call.  The opening times are 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  0808 800 6000.

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Hi Karen, hope you’re sorted now? I had mx with recon in September 14, my drains got pulled out early by mother (long story!) And ended up with seroma which needed draining daily for 2 weeks. It was leaking out as you say and i had to “express” it ad yoi would for breastfeeding! Suddenly it all stopped and my body absorbed the fluid. Hope you are sorted soon. It’s such a distressing trauma x

Thank you for replying. I’ve seen the hospital and they said it can happen and that if I have any further concerns to just go in and they will assess and see if it needs draining. I’m not sure when that point is though as when it erupted it wS only 2 days after the hospital had done it and it wasn’t feeling anywhere near as swollen so I’m terrified to go out now!!! I am still getting fluid out when I gently press on my boob but it is getting less. Glad to hear yours settled down. Draining everyday for 2 weeks mist have been a bit wearing! Xxx