Seroma - when will it stop!

Hi ladies first time on here. I had leftmx and ANC 4 weeks ago, sent home next day with my lovely little bag of drains. Removed after 9 days and thats when my seroma started. Its been drained 6 times now but still producing 150ml on last visit. Also my mx wound has made its very own drain which leaks a lot and soaks me ( reminds me of when i was breast feeding). Just wondering what other peoples experiences of seroma have been, how long will it last?


Hi Betty,
You sound very much like i did when i had my MX and ANC last April. My wound was drained many times.
My stitches remained in for around 5 weeks and i had 2 places where it broke through and leaked.
I have to say that it did eventually heal but it took several months. Try to keep positive and it will eventually stop. My BCN kept telling me it is because the breast is a very vascular area.
All the best from Angie

Hi Bettyboo, blimey you’ve made me feel silly moaning about mine now; I have the utmost sympathy for you. I have a seroma and have had it for a couple of weeks now and it is driving me nuts! I’ve only had mine drained once which was last Thursday and it has gone straight back up again (although not quite as massive); I think she got 75ml from it. It’s putting pressure on the wound which is were I think the pain is coming from and it is soooo uncomfortable! I have been told it’s normal (great!) and can take weeks or months (!) to go and if it doesn’t go away with draining the body will reabsorb it. I hope yours eases soon. x

Hi Bettyboo123

I had my MX on 10th May, needed draining 3 times in the 10 days following.

Needed further node removal on 24th May and started filling up as soon as the drain was removed.

Had a replacement BCN who decided not to drain, in her words ‘the more often it is drained, the more the body will try to fill the hole that’s left’

I’m still tender, but the swelling is going down gradually.

Good Luck and (((HUGS)))

How long is a piece of string?. I have had a seroma since my mastectomy in January 2010. Like Gypsylady, I was fed the line that it’s better not to drain it, and that it will eventually go away - but it didn’t. Worse still because they only drained it when they absolutely had to, my body formed a capsule around the fluid, which then necessitated surgery to remove it. I still have a seroma which is producing about 350 mls of fluid per week, and the medics are now very careful to drain it on a weekly basis. The only thing that has helped is that they have provided me with a compression bra, and last week I only produced 200mls. Hopefully this reduction will last.