I had Mx 29th April and was due to start chemo May15th but have developed a seroma. They say they wont start chemo till its gone, but despite them aspirating it twice ( last one last Tuesday 180mls!) I can feel that my armpit is swelling again and my chest wall is puffy. It was totally flat when they finished on tuesday, so Im guessing that its filling up again. Anyone else had this and any ideas/ Is there anything I can do to get rid of it/ I just want to get on with the chemo and rads so I can start building myself back up to being fit and well again. Im not a patient patient and all this waiting is doing my head in, I think Im getting 'down’although Ive never experienced this before but I keep crying!!!

I had chemo then a lumpectomy, following that another op for extra margins and a full clearance. I developed a huge seroma which I was getting drained regularly sometimes twice a week, I know just how you feel. Feels so good when its empty!! I was frustrated and could not have rads and move on. Consultant said sometimes tissue residue and bits left in hole where lymph nodes removed which the body is trying to get rid of, lymph comes and as body has not got used to redirecting it, seromas form. So he decided he needed to open scar again rinse with saline , and close it again. Might not be something you would need but I have had no problem since so it was def the right thing to do for me…

I hope you get yours sorted out soon
Take care
Dawn X


I had chemo followed by a bi lateral MX. I came home from hospital with 3 drains in place. 2 were removed very quickly but the 3rd one was still in place when I saw the consultant. He insisted it had to come out because of the risk of infection. A seroma built up very quickly and initially had to be drained twice a week, then once a week. Eventually the amount of fluid gradually reduced but not before I had to cancel my rads planning twice. The only advice they gave me when I asked if there was anything I could do to help, was don’t overdo things.

The frustration at not being able to move on was awful, and tears were constantly near the surface. It will sort itself out - unfortuately in its own good time

Take Care


I had to keep going back to be aspired twice a week for a month after my lumpectomy and clearance.Thankfully it cleared up just before I started chemo or else it would have had to be delayed.