Severe Pain 9 months after surgery!!

Hi everyone, I had bilateral surgery in May last year. I had a WLE for the cancer in my left breast and theraputic reconstruction in my right one.


I have struggled severely with side effects of Hormone therapy and have been left with a seroma which cant be drained as it as “jellified” and a very painful lumpy left breast.  I had scans and biopsies again in December and was told that the lumpiness is just the re-arranged tissue as the remomved a very large tumour and get on with the seroma as it was wasn’t getting any larger and not causing me significant problems.


Over the last 2 weeks, I have been experiencing severe pain in my left breast , under my arm and shoulder which pain meds aren’t relieving. I keep going to my GP who I am sure is sick of me.(I am sick of me!) My BCN said some women struggle with pain for years. Is this normal?

Do you have scars in this area? If so it could be due to that. I have just been in for nipple construction and lipofill and mentioned pain in my “drain” scar area. My surgeon put some lipofill in there too and the pain has now gone! He said sometimes the scars stick to the ribs etc. I know yours is mostly under the arm, but is that a possibility? I think you need to pester your BCN to get seen at the hospital again rather than going to your GP.

Take care

K M x