Severe pain after only two weeks DXT

Hi Everyone. I have been reading the thread on pain after radiotherapy treatment and can totally relate to the “knitting needle” description. My trouble though is that I have only had 9 out of 30 treatments! Until yesterday I had no side effects at all, and then four hours after the radiotherapy yesterday started to get severe pain in my breast. This morning it is still there, especially around the scar line, but all in the deep tissues. I also feel as though my chest is being squashed, and the pain goes down my arm (right side). Overnight it was impossible to lie in any position other than on my left side. Took paracetamol last night and in the night, but can’t say it has made any difference.

Just wondering whether this is something that anyone else has experienced so early on - concerned as I have only done two weeks and have five ahead of me! The weekend now so perhaps by Monday it will all have settled down and will obviously ask at my next treatment. Was on a different machine yesterday to help out my usual team - feel like I’ve been over zapped, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence!

Dear Sarah, I’m so very, very grieved to hear what you’ve started going through, though as you know I’m still on chemo and can’t offer any sensible/helpful words at all beyond sending you all possible cyber comfort, such as it is.

While I’ve suspected the 2 days rest per week on rads have as much to do with hospital work schedules as patient needs - that’s the cynic in me & it seems logical that the body would need a break to recover. I do hope it improves over the next 24 hours or so. It’s also a shame that it should come after a change in routine. That would make me cross, because it’s added that crappy element of uncertainty. We like our punishment to appear controlled.

I know you will get to the bottom of this - so don’t need to suggest considerable discussion with your team tomorrow. I hope you get informed feedback from here.

You have people who can ‘serve’ you while you take it easy in the meantime, haven’t you? Because I think your husband is away, isn’t he? Let out a shout - SERVICE!

Love, M-L xx

Sorry to hear that you are suffering such pain seabird. It’s not pleasant is it ! I had times during rads where my boob went rock hard and I also got pain down my arm … the arm pain is cos they were zapping my armpit and it aggrevated the bits that serve the upper arm. I used ibuprofen gel on the arm (being careful to keep it well away from the armpit).

I also had occassions where I was taken on a different machine if there was a long queue at my regular machine - or one time it was because it was photo taking day and the camera was broken on my regular machine. They had the same proceedure as my usual team and I think the machine is programmed by a PC to make sure you get the right dose (I might be wrong).

Hope the weekend break settles things down. One thing I found a great help was a micro-bead cushion between my arm and my side - it kept my arm from resting on the side of my boob (my tumour was on the outside bit so that was the worst part if anything touched it).

Thanks for your replies girls! “Service” - now that would be nice! OH goes to Hong Kong 5.00 am tomorrow and that leaves me with my darling 19 year old daughter, but she is working all hours. Have made some good friends here in Australia, but it’s times like this that you can suddenly feel rather lonely and at sea! Now have a fever 0f 37.7, very hard, red breast and pain just as bad. Wondering if it could be mastitis - or is it just one of those things that goes with the DXT territory? May see about trying to get a medic to have a look - Monday feels a long way away! Will let you know…! Sarah x

Please dont wait.That sounds like an infection and needs to be checked NOW!Love Valx

sounds as if you have definitely got an infection - I had one but not during radiotherapy

hope it can be sorted out quickly


Thanks Mole and Horace - I felt better by the evening and decided to see how things went. No fever today and breast not so red or hard - still jolly painful though. Anyway, seems as though it’s just going to be one of those things. I’ll see what they say tomorrow when I go back for radiotherapy. Would still be interested to know if anyone else had a lot of pain after just two weeks of treatment? Thanks everyone. Sarah

I remember there was a lady who had to pause her treatment - will see if I can find her posts.

Saw the doctor at radiotherapy today - she said the pain and redness definitely NOT connected to the radiotherapy. Have since had ultra sound and some fluid dained - but as nothing to do the the radiotherapy will start a new thread! Thanks for your support. Sarah