Sex and love again 2.5 years after diagnosis

Hello, ladies, I just had to post this as I’m so happy and wanted to share some hope and joy with you. After having breast cancer 2.5 years ago, I hadn’t had a lover.

I’ve just met a new man and he accepts my body scars and all, 100%. (Actually, it’s better than accepting; he celebrates my body and makes me feel beautiful.) He makes me feel like a complete woman again, which I thought would never happen. Don’t ask me how, but it seems that the altered sensation in the breast that had cancer is even becoming more normal, and things ‘downstairs’ seem better with more activity. (Sorry if that’s too much info.) I’m so grateful to my lover for helping mt take this huge step to recovery and helping me to put everything that happened firmly in the past.

It’s not like I’m a young girl - I’m 49. I never thought I’d have another lover, and certainly not one so lovely.

Big hugs. I hope this helps someone.

Hi blondie1961

What a lovely post I am so happy for you. How wonderful to find such a wonderful relationship and lover after all you have been through.

Thanks for sharing it with us, always lovely to hear such good news, and I wish you both all the very best for the future.

Love Anne x x

What a beautiful positive post…thank you for sharing
Best wishes to both of you for a lovely and long future
Suze xx

blondie, thank you sooo much for posting this! I recently posted a thread about dating after mx. I find myself newly single (my partner left half way through treatment) and I cant EVER imagine myself having the confidence to date and be intimate with another man. Your post was WONDERFUL to read and gives me hope that I will be able to find something similar.

good for you!! be happy!!!


So very happy for you, very best of wishes to you and your lover! xxx

Deed, just read this and thought of you! see it will and can happen xxx

Thanks for your thought. I have actually just got home from a date. Starting to feel really confident in my clothes but will be quite sometime before Im confident to show these scars to somebody new…but fingers crossed that I too will find that relationship with somebody!

Its a lovely story to read!


Deed, l am absolutely sure you will get there! hope your date went well?
Still early days Deed, you need to accept your body first! but you will get there, you seem a positive person with confidence, so just take it easy. Be kind to yourself, you deserve it!
And l look forward to a similar post from you in the future!!
Lots of hugs to you
Sandra xxx

You’ll get there Deed! It took me a while just to be able to look in the mirror. Just accept that you really do deserve nice things to happen and enjoy it when they do.

We only have the only life and it would be terribly inconvenient if you missed out on nice things out of fear :slight_smile:


Good for you , that is really great!
Has given me a bit of confidence i can tell you, as things in that dept, have been non-existent since last September!

All the very best!

Naz x