hi i was told i cant have unprotected sex for five days after chemo as the penis can get burnt. has anyone else been told this. it made me laugh if nothing else. imagine going to a and e with this problem. i doubt if wil feel like it anyway i am sure i can do without…comments please

mine would be lucky if he gets a slight singe!!!

more seriously if you fancy sex within 5 days then i take my hat off to you - I would be sick through motion sickness - by the way no-one has aid anything to me re: sex and burning - but then there’s a lot of stuf that no-one’s told me !!!

sorry not to be more helpful

I like your spirit ! Have one for me!
Love FizBix xxx

Oh Fizbiz what would this site be with out you, you really should be on stage or writing a book or something your sense of humour in next to none.

Sending you lots of hugs just for making me laugh.



Hi Karen - Yes Fiz Bix has to write a book one day, a couple of us have told her that already! But in answer to your question, I was told at the pre-chemo briefing that if we had sex OH should use a condom for 2 days afterwards. Not something we have needed to acquire as it happens!!! Not so sure about the burning, I think it was more to stop any chance of passing on any chemo - same as I was told to flush the loo twice after using it for a few days after, not sure how much good that does either! Specially with the Aussie water shortages. After being told the the condom bit we were talking of kissing (I think) and I said “oh, no tongues then” and got a bit of a shocked look from the nurse to say the least - well, was only trying to make light of the situation!! Good luck. Sarah xx

HAHA Sarah I actually asked that about kissing too, the nurse was talking about bodily fluids and loo flushing and condoms for 72 hours and I said well surely no snogging then? She said you are the first person that has ever asked that!

Good luck with the chemo Jal, and Fix is right, you won’t feel like it anyway…

Louise x

sex , whats that then !

THink mines healed up now ! Its been that long , first you dont feel like it then hubby stops trying and you carnt be bothered to try !

good luck with chemo , and sex life
jinpip x

We were told to use a condom all through chemo, not just for a few days.

I agree Road runner
i was told to use a condom throughout chemo and rads. I was also advised not to get pregnant whilst on tamoxifen
I certainly didnt feel like sex during chemo or rads -its only now that I am starting to get my libido back (much to hubbys pleasure!)