shadows - a poem i wrote while on chemo



As shadows they blend into the drudge of everyday routine 

greys and bland blues a mere hint of the form that made them.

Moving amongst the sharp images of colour and light, overlooked. 

shadows dimming in the darkness of reality, merging, pooling

becoming one with a stillness of dark night. Unobserved, forgotten.

Sunbeams shatter the hues and colours of the rushing foreground. 

Enhancing the strength of the shadowy nooks hidden no more, 

for a brief moment they are strong, outlined, a concrete solid form, 

then too quickly no more, a murkiness, shadow. Unobserved, forgotten.

As shadows we wend through the mortal, a walking dead of grief -strewn 

peoples. A daily reminder of suffering shoved away, into the background. 

Existing, allowing a mere representation of former substance, solidity; 

new shadows, merging into the past where the sorrowful dare not follow.

Eyes stare or overt, ignore and forget. Shadows, Unobserved, forgotten.

I wrote this after a trip to dublin, wearing my headscarf.

This is brilliant Siobhain I really like it. I’m sure we will all see into this different meanings, or recognise ourselves as the way we were or still are.

I hope you enjoyed Dublin?