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I just wanted to give you all my good news. I was diagnosed with secondary to spine in Feb 09. Inital diagnosis June 07. I am on Xeloda (4000mg per day) and bondronat (Spell?). Well my latest scan has shown all is still stable.
I am so grateful and happy that all the drugs are holding it at bay!
Just thought this might give a wee boost to anyone else on Capcetabine.

Take Care ladies.

I think this is fantastic news Muddy!!! It’s a great feeling when a treatment is working well - I’m not on Capecitabine but it’s brilliant that it’s doing the job - very long may it continue!


Hi, lovely lovely news - I am on Bondronat for bone mets since diagnosis last May and am doing well also - I read so many positive posts about secondaries and it really does help my state of mind and attitude to what I have - keep well, Muddy x love Debbie x

Great news Muddy, I’m on the same dose…and take Bondronat too. I’ve just passed the 2 year mark with Capecitabine. Take Care…xxx

Good news is always great to hear !!


good news -lovely to hear x

That’s great news Muddy. It is always lovely to hear of treatment going well, and as you say, acts as a boost to others on the same treatment.

Take care, Paula X

That’s really good to hear Muddy. I remember when you posted about your secondary diagnosis so really glad you’re stable right now.
Long may it continue xx

Great news Muddy - bet you are relieved, the waiting for those results is the pits! Long may this treatment continue to work wonders. Thanks for giving us all a boost :slight_smile:
Nicky xx

So pleased for you, Muddy. Hope you are celebrating!!

Kay x

Hi Maddy

thats just great news ! Pleased all working so well and giving all hope !!

Victoria :slight_smile:

Oooh, I love some good news. Really pleased to hear that you’re stable, and long may it continue!

Hi Muddy

Congratulations! Great news like this gives everyone a boost and renewed hope for greater longevity. Well done. I have been taking Bondronat since November 09 and will get scan results to see the effect of that plus 6 lots of chemo next Friday. I hope to be posting a good news thread myself - fingers crossed.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sue xx

Hi All,

i have jusr had results of my latest scan and whilst I had hoped that things would ‘disappear’ it was a mixed result. Some were a little better some the same and one just a little bit bigger, albiet ‘mm’ so as I am stable at the moment I am continuing on Capcitabine. I have Liver,Lung ,Lymph and bone mets so while there is no drastic improvement I am happy for my onc to describe me as stable. Hope this gives hope to other Capcitabine Ladies.
Hope this makes sense I’ve lost this post twice by pressing the wrong key.
Lesley xx

Hi Lesley - although mixed results I think the word ‘stable’ is good :slight_smile: If your onc is OK with the results then you can be as well.
Nicky x

Hi Lesley, I agree with Nicky…stable is really, really good news.
Chemo never seems to give a universal result when you have more than one type of mets so stable is a great, I think, result…wishing you lots of time yet to come with those peachy tablets…xxx

Hi Muddy & Lesley

Thanks for sharing your good news. What I wouldnt give to hear the word ‘stable’ Its great that you are both getting such good results long may it continue

Julie xxx

Thats good news and encouraging for me. Ive been on Bondranat since Jan 07 until Nov last year when I changed to Zometa as my bones were no longer stable. They have given me major problems over the last couple of months (i.e. 2 huge operations in a month - massive pain) so I am desperate for Capcetabine to bring these bone mets into line again (not to mention my lung and skin mets).

Glad for your success, long may it continue.


Hi Muddy

So good to hear good news so pleased for you. I had a scan (bone mets) last week seeing onc on Friday so fingers crossed.

Anne xx

Thanks for sharing your good news Muddy. I am also on capecitabine and bondronat, and your good news helps me.I have just completed dose 7 and your news gives me hope.

Love Claire