Even though I finished chemo in May 2007 and rads late June 2007 my fitness levels are still rubbish.Today I went to a farm Park with 3 grandchildren and their parents.We didnt do anything too strenuous just walked round and looked at animals,played had a picnic but after a couple of hours I was exhausted and after 4 hours I had to come home.Does anyone else still get so tired?Have I asked this before?If not I should have done!Valxx

Hi Val
Oh my fitness levels are awful. Feel like a 90 yr old. My 79yr old dad is fitter than me.
I had treatment before you too finished chemo July 2006. I have just had a blood test done to check for anaemia but doubt i am anaemic.
Have you put on weight? I have, far too much but i dont know that i should feel so tired just because i am over weight.

I know it stops me enjoying a fulfilled life. I was looking at a few days trip to Prague then thought of all the walking round site seeing and probably will opt for Jersey or even Devon and a quiet hol.

Its the pits and something they dont realise the professionals.

I long for grandchildren but would i have the energy?? Finding my work as a nursery nurse impossible just now.

You have my sympathy Hun and be interested in further posts.Sorry to be so negative.


LOL Horace - a lot of us (at our age!) would find that exhausting.


True I suppose and then you come home and play trains while discussing harry Potter and cooking fish fingers[naughty or what].Still my lovely d-i-l just brought me a glass of wine[not that I am drinking!.]

Hi, all

Yes, I still get very, very tired. I can only be in company for up to two hours and then I’m exhausted. Finished treatment early May 07. Can’t look after 3 grandchildren on my own anymore. Just got back from a meal with a friend. We met at 4 and by 6 my head was nearly on the table. Had one glass of soda water. Still, I’m at home now and enjoying a g’n’t. Half my trouble is I rarely even want to socialise these days - too much effort!! Even a lengthy phone conversation exhausts me.

Apart from the tiredness though, I’m not complaining and do more or less what I can, when I can.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Hi Val.

I finished chemo and rads in Oct 06 and am still knackered. Actually am often in bed by now (7.30!!!) I seem to go through troughs and peaks, with some days really bad and some not too bad but at best, I reckon I operate at about 20% of what I used to.

I rarely go out in the evening anymore because I would have to stay in bed most of the day to be fit enough company. I have made some new friends though who are at home during the day and still socialise a fair bit. I am now a Lady Wot Lunches.

I don’t (as in couldn’t ) work; nor do I do anything like vacuuming, floor washing etc. as I am lucky enough to have a very understanding other half. All in all, I am used to it and enjoy life in a different way now. Still wish I was fit like I used to be though.


glad of this post Horace I am the same… finished May 07 just finished herceptin and I could literally lie down in the middle of town I don’t think it is helping that I don’t excercise like I used to but too tired to even cotemplate it love Eileen

Hi Val (and everyone)

I still get tired, but then I love my sleep :slight_smile: I finished chemo, Feb 05 LOL So I must say some days I milk it!! Other days it really winds me up.

Exercise is really a something I did in my 20’s and 30’s, then I trained twice a day 5 times a week!! Maaad

Lots of love Jeni

Hello everyone. Yes I’m the same. I finished chemo on 1st May 2006 and finished Herceptin in May this year. On a recent holiday I was trying to potter round visiting places like I used to but kept feeling really exhausted and having to sit down. It seems to hit me suddenly and I feel quite ill if I don’t sit down for a few minutes. I’m sleeping much more than I used to as well.

My oncologist says that it’s not surprising after all the chemicals I’ve had over the past couple of years and not to worry about it.
Take care everyone.
Anthi x

Hi all

Hi there

I wanted to add to this thread to mention the ‘Cancerbackup’ information about fatigue. There is a specific section related to coping with fatigue, which you may find useful, this can be found by using the following link:

Best wishes

I finshed chemo in April 08, Rads in June 08. Sometimes when I get in from work I am shattered and go straight to bed for an hour or so. Them I am Ok after that. It doesnt happen every day and I havent worked out if there is any particular trigger.
I am still achy and stiff, thanks to Taxotere.

I hate to be the voice of DOOM but I finished treatment in spring 2005 and it’s taken me a good 3 years to feel anything like normal (whatever that means!) Even now I find long exposure to other people wears me out (all that chattering) as does dragging round places like stately homes. Shopping malls and supermarkets take a lot of perseverance too and courage.

Oh Maureen I know just what you mean, socialising is a real effort! We just have to be patient and hang on in there.