Hi, I was told on Monday that I have Lobular cancer and am due for an MRI tomorrow, will have to wait another week for results before treatment options can be discusssed. The confirmation was not a surprise but I was not expecting further tests and this has completely thrown me.Today it’s like I’ve hit this brick wall, I can’t think straight even the simplest task is impossible,I keep bursting into tears (crying as I write this) and I have so many thoughts chasing around in my head that it feels like I’m going mad, Mary

Hi Mary,I’m sorry you’ve had to join us but rest assured the ladies on here a massive help! I myself have lobular and tubular in both breasts and have just had a WLE & SNB last week,having an mri is just to see if there’s any that’s been missed on mammogram,scan, etc I wouldn’t worry too much I didn’t have one even though I was offered one I’m not good with enclosed spaces! My surgeon wasn’t worried about me not having one neither,my treatment is planned for radiotherapy and hormone tablets,depending on my test results after surgery,but rest assured every test, scan they do is to give you the right treatment plan and the waiting is the worst part I know but take each day as it comes and try not to think the worst! Easier said then done I know! But once you have all your results and a treatment plan in place things get a whole better I promise you! Take care and big hugs. Xx

Hi Mary, I was diagnosed on 27th June and had to have an MRI due to the fact I have dense breasts and was told it was a better diagnostic tool because of this.  They were right, another patch showed on my other boob, which thankfully I was told today was benign, but glad it showed up.  I found the MRI ok, just kept my eyes closed and focused on the music.  It was much louder than I had thought it would be but I am taking just one day at a time and remaining positive.  I have a lumpectomy on Friday and I just see it as an unwelcome squatter who is being evicted.  I am yet to have confirmed to me my HER result.  I have been told that I will have radiotherapy but still a query as to whether or not I need chemo.  Try to stay positive, it seems to help me, although I know it is hard.  We are all facing a battle but one I hope we will get through together.

Thanks for the reassurance, I’m taking today as a blip and will start again tomorrow, I took early retirement this year and all though this wasn’t in my plan I will deal with it and move on. Hope all goes well with you both  Mary x

Hi Mary,

It is sad that you had to find your way here onto the forum, where no one really wants to be. My heart goes out to you. This is a good place to be with so much support available, a place to let it all out - to rant and cry, as well as to laugh and share the positives, too. There will always be a virtual pair of arms to hug you and give you as much support as possible. There is much information on all of the various stages of treatment, as we share our journeys to recovery - and many thoughts, ideas and tips of how to deal with specific challenges. For me the forum has become part of my life and I find the support invaluable.

I was diagnosed with lobular cancer in January and like you found the round of tests and scans bewildering and challenging. It is, however, the second most common cancer diagnosed in women, which gave me much confidence that whichever treatment the treatment team and I agreed on, would be leading to the best possible outcome.

It can rock your foundations, when initially diagnosed. Everything that once was, all the plans - seem to be thrown into dissaray for many. For me, it felt like a roller coaster I wanted to get off, but could not. Hurtling up and down with me on it - powerless to stop it. This phase passed once the initial tests and scans were done and the treatment plan started to take shape. Regained some control and felt much more positive. Needed to grieve for a little while - for the year out of my life that I am losing, because of having to go through treatment. l have learnt and am learning so much from this process, not something I really wanted, but it is, very oddly enriching my life in a way I would not have thought possible.

I am very lucky -having a good prognosis and hoping that yours will turn out to be so, too.

Huge Hug

Sue x


Hi Mary try to calm down this is very difficult I know and we all can relate to how you are feeling. All of us have these emotions when diagnosed it’s the worst time of your life but it’s not the end. Everyone on this forum will support you through your journey and like lots of us here you’ll come good to. I know you can’t see it now but once you’ve got the full picture and your treatment plan you will move forward and feel more in control. I’ve just come to the end of my treatment today and was diagnosed 2nd September last year. In the beginning I never thought I’d get through this but after 2 ops 4 months of chemo and radiotherapy here I am ready and stronger and moving forward. Mary you will be ok when you have a plan in place trust me in what im saying I’ll tell you no lies. Xxx 

Hi Mary.
I’m sorry you find yourself in this hellish place. I was diagnosed last week, and like you I was awaiting further test results. The last week has been a constant roller coaster of emotions, but I have been back today for my results and I can definitely say I feel a lot better now I know what’s to come. I’m so much more positive knowing a plan is in place and I know what to expect.
This is a great place for advice and letting off steam. Sending big hugs
Sarah x

So had my MRI results on Friday which show a lump 4.5 cm and not 1cm as shown on original scan also possible Lymph Node involvment, further biopsy done and will get those results on the 29/7, quite a shock but it’s good that they will know exactly what they are dealing with before any treatment is planned.

Have been reassured that it is slow growing so waiting will not make any difference to the outcome, in the meantime have lots of nice things planned to keep me busy


Hi, Just back from appointment at the hospital where latest biopsy results show no Lymph Nodes involved, surgery and reconstruction is booked for the 31/8 and will start taking Letrozole tomorrow, they have explained that I will have to wait for about 10 days after surgery to find out if any chemo or radiotherapy is needed but what a difference having a plan makes, I know I still have cancer but the sun is shining again and now I can look ahead. Wishing the best for everyone, love and hugs Mary 

Hi, Today started of well (very early though), popped into see the ladies I used to work with and spent an enjoyable hour chatting and catching up on all the gossip, should have gone straight home after but decided to go to my local M & S to see if they had any bras for after surgery, Big Mistake, looked around picked up some sports bras (front closer) and then asked the lady in the department if they had any other front closing bras, her answer, one word NO and before I had a chance to enquire further she walked off, I realise she was maybe having an off day but  I spent the next 10 minutes in my car bawling like a baby, MOAN OVER!!! got home and found on google a lovely local store that specialises in mastectomy bras who will see me on saturday, sorry to off load on everyone. Love and Hugs Mary  

What a charmer! I had to give up on M&S too. Unfortunately still waiting on arrival of bras from a lifestyle freebie mag to arrive (hoping not a con!) and making do with customised old favourites - wires removed. Offloading is good for the soul x

Awful experience re M&S - but thanks ladies for the good idea of removing wires from existing bras. I’ve been generally avoiding bras unless I feel like wearing my sports one which is the most comfy bra I have.


given I’m a bit inept sewing wise how is it done to taken wires out? Is there a good online tutorial without me having to try 4million YouTube searches?! :slight_smile:

I win at inept - I hacked away with nail scissors to make a slit to pull the wire out. However, I should say it still wasn’t as comfortable as it could have been and I’ve added to another thread somewhere about having to improvise further at night, wedging balled up pants into the bra to improve sleep comfort! I’ve always been classy! X

Hi, thanks for making smile ladies, love and hugs Mary xx

Hi ladies,

thankfully my M & S in Brighton has been brilliant and I have some very pretty post surgery bras, which I still wear despit my op having been on 24th MArch - they are just so comfy. You could try and find them on-line. They are also great to take ‘enhancers’ in the future - I have tried - works a treat.

Little tip - you may wish to by one bra, which is a size larger, but cup size smaller than you usually would.

i.e. if you usually are a 36C - get a 38B . The reason for that is that you may be swollen after your op and a bra of your actual size might be quite uncomfortable.

I also have some of the front opening sports bras from M & S, but found them too tight and uncomfortable to wear in the first weeks after surgery.Sepite buying one a size larger - as above.

Hope this is of some help


Sue x

Hi, I had my pre-op assesment last week and explained that I was getting palpitations (stress related I think ) and also that my left leg is often quite swollen, didn’t think anymore about it until I recieved a call yesterday asking me to go in and see the Consultant this Thursday regarding the op on 1st September, hoping it’s just a further check and that there won’t be any problems with surgery, fingers crossed. Mary x

If anyones near Altrincham and needs a good not really expensive but not cheap ( mine were around £35) post surgery bra then I can reccommend Betty & Belle the ladies were bloomin lovely with me and would not stop till I felt and looked like a million dollars I walked out head high shoulders back and one real one foob out :slight_smile:

Hi, Just back from hospital having final measure up and to see plastic surgeon (boobs on display again), still having a skin saving mastectomy but with an expander instead of reconstruction, will probably need radiotherapy and possibly chemo, once treatment is finished then I can look at options for reconstruction. Although I haven’t told anyone I was feeling unsure about the implant option anyway so this has helped to clarify things for me and I am feeling a lot more optimistic about the final outcome.

Surgery is booked for the 1st September so have been very busy organising everything and anything I can, long lists of things to do that my husband is finding very amusing, plan to be all sorted and ready by the bank holiday weekend as we have plans to meet up with friends (a prosseco party is on the cards) and family and BC will be a forbidden topic, wishing you all a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend.

Love and Hugs