shaved head

shaved head

shaved head Hi
Can anyone suggest something to put on my scalp as it has gone very dry since i shaved it last week.
Ive tried baby lotion but thats not doing much good.

When I was completely bald I washed my head every day with an Olay Daily Facial, then I put on some Body Shop Vitamin E moisturising spray. It smells of rose petals and is lovely.

Hi there,

Im exactly the same, my hairdresser suggested a bit of warm oil, a bit of olive oil rubbed in and left then washed off with shampoo and water, also i know you can get in a little bottle some proper oil for your head, you need to warm it in a cup of water and then leave on your head for a while, then when washing it off put shampoo on first before water.

Hope this helps



I used Aqueous cream and had a lovely soft head.


E45 Hi Jackie,

I used E45 after my head was shaved which was recommended to me by a hairdresser who worked at a hospice.

I finished chemo 12 months ago and I now have a full head of curly hair.

Not only will it help put moisture into your scalp but also massaging it in will help the regrowth.

Good luck


shaved head thanks to everyones suggestions for a smooth head

I was advised to use baby shampoo when I went bald it seemed to keep my head soft, Ive now got a couple of centimetres of hair and still use the baby shampoo because it smells lovely!