Shaving the hair off

Hi just a little advice please…I’ve shaved my hair to a grade 3 but it’s driving me mad still shedding everywhere! Its very sparse now and was wandering if anyone just took the lot off? I’m worried about infection etc?
Marie x

Hi Mariecay,


I went to a Macmillan centre and they buzzed my hair down to a number 2 for me - very short.

They said that they would not take it down any further because of risk of infection. They fitted my wig for me after that, so I went out looking fine.


It shed very quickly for me after FEC1, so there was no hair to bother me after that.


I would be wary about infection, expecially if you have already had a chemo cycle - but I’m sure others will be along to share how they dealt with it at the time.


good luck with everything Mariecay.

Probably is bit late now but I have some jersey beanies I bought from Anna bandana to help capture the hair, mine was still 4-5 inches and drove me mad ! I had two cuts before that 15 inches and 7 inches.
They’ve also kept my head warm at night ! Anna bandana online about £2 each :slight_smile:
I started chemo and lost my hair in exactly two weeks, just had my last chemo today and my hair is growing thick and fast it started about three weeks ago ! It’s came out 2nd week of August so was nt bald for all that long !
Good luck x

Sorry ! Hair fell out second week of November don’t know how August got on there, blame the chemo brain lol :slight_smile:

Hi alice
Have you been for a head strong session ? They gave me great advice on scalp care, gentle perfume free shampoo with no parabens !
They also give some really lovely ideas for scarf tying, adding bracelets and hair bands to make them prettier ! I use two stretchy pearl and diamanté bracelets wrapped around under the bow ! Looks pretty !
My scalp stopped hurting the moment it had all fallen out and has been fine since ! I started using e45 which was too thick, so I’d recommend a lighter cream if you need it, I’ve not needed any for a while and my scalp is fine and the hair is growing thicker by the day :slight_smile: good luck with the rest of your treatments it’ll all I’ve finished in the blink of an eye ! Mine flew by x

I just washed mine in the shower without anything. I did rub Olive oil on it though afterwards just a small amount on the palm of my hand and massaged it  - the BP kind not cooking kind!  Almond oil or baby oil would do equally well - it does help to stimulate the hair follicles. I found it very cold without hair and wore a hat in the house and sometimes in bed too. I loved my wigs and hated all my scarves - I do think that everyone is different though and copes in their own. It also depends on what time of year you are going through it all too. Once it had been shaved the pain disappeared and it was actually a relief. If you are having FEC and move on to a different drug it does start to grow back whilst you are still having treatment.

Take care

K M x

Hi all
Here’s a link to the BCC Headstrong support service which Kay has mentioned :

Best wishes
Lucy BCC