Hi, just wondering whether anyone was in my local area- Sheffield - and going through the same as me at moment. I’m having up front chemo for a grade 3 invasive tumour. Was diagnosed mid October, and am having my second chemo next week. Would be great to meet up with women in a similar position.


I’m just bumping you up. I’m sure someone from Sheffield will be in contact.

All the best with your treatment.

J xx


there are a group of us that meet up at Meadowhall every few weeks for a meal and a natter.

We have all been through breast cancer but don’t think any of us had chemo first.

You are more than welcome to join us and although we may not have had exactly the same experience we have all had the ups and downs associated with bc.

We are meeting again on 7th December.

Karen x


I live in Sheffield. I was diagnosed in August and haven’t had my operation yet either (apart from node sampling). I’m having hormone therapy first to try and shrink my tumour (for a WLE rather than MX). Having the tumour sitting there for all this time sometimes bothers me, but if I manage just a WLE+rads, it will be worth it.

Karen: I’ve seen the message thread about meet ups at Meadowhall and have been wondering about it. But I am very tired from the hormone therapy and not sure that I feel like going out in the cold dark evenings, especially as Meadowhall gets extremely busy towards Christmas.


Hi Karen,
Thanks for that. I feel a bit like Julie- was in Meadowhall last week before 2nd session, shopping like a mad woman - and swore it would be my last visit before Christmas! Don’t think it can do my immune system much good at this stage either! Would love to take you up on offer in the new year though.
Julie- let me know if you fancy a more local meet up- I’m in S10 area - does town or Ecc. Road for a quick coffee sound a bit less daunting? Funny this business isn’t it, Bit like a blind date!! I know what you mean about having the treatment pre op though, it does feel a bit weird knowing the tumour is still there. But the way I like to think about it is that the chemo is killing off anything that is floating off around my body, and also you have the reassurance that it is working because the lump itself is shrinking. I’ve got 3 FEC then 3 tax with 18 herceptin, so mx will be after the chemo, and I’ll continue with herceptin alongside radiotherapy. Reconstruction after that…long haul. Hope your treatment is not making you feel too down,
All the best,

Tracey and Julie,

You are both very welcome when you feel up to it.

If you fancy a chat pm me and let me know.Happy to give you my number. I know you both have your ops to come but do know how you are feeling with the chemo.

K x

Thanks Karen. Love your arty looking profile picture!


it is from the Peak FM calendar for 2011 to raise money for Weston Park and the hereditary breast cancer helpline. It was great fun doing it and such a worthy cause.


does anyone still meet up at meadowhall. Am in the Ecclesfield area and undergoing chemo at the moment. Feeling a bit alone and a tad overwhelmed with it all at times!Do you know of any groups in the sheffield area who do meet up socially?

I have not caught up with the others at the Meadowhall group, I guess with chemo and a mx, it has seemed too difficult. Have you tried the Cavendish Center? They do not have ‘groups,’ but offer a great support service, all free - everything from massage, aromatherapy to Yoga, relaxation classes etc. Well worth a visit xx

Thanks, i will give the Cavendish a ring today!

anyone in the rotherham area just been diagnosed with breast cancer? ive just been re called for another scan as the nurse said there may be something behind the first lump. Am really worried now. thanks, joanieb

I’m in Thorne, Doncaster. What a month i’v just had!celebrated my 50th birthday in Turkey on 8th June! Diagnosed DCIS, 2 of them, 1 invasive & 1 non invasive on 24th June,confirmed on 28th, surgery on 13th July-full right mastectomy and lymph node biopsy.Tissue samples were HER2+,grade 3,booked in to DRI for first Chemo on 19th August of which i have to have 6 over 18weeks, followed by a year of Herceptin every 3weeks& Tamoxifen for 5years!got to go tomorrow for a heart scan before they start Chemo to see if i am fit! Trying very hard to keep a 'level-head’and some sort of normality in my life!Not altogether easy when you feel like you and your life have been lifted up and smashed into a wall very hard! Ouch! Anyone out there who’s local and in the same boat? Or, are there any support groups that anyone knows of locally?I’m not allowed to drive at the mo, but i hope that it won’t be too long before they say i can! Cheers! X