Sheryl Crowe

Sheryl Crowe

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Sheryl Crowe Just heard that yet another celeb has joined our ( not so ) exclusive club.
And yet another bit of media crap…" after surgery, she’s been told it was a complete success".
How fanatastic, maybe that surgeon was the same one who operated on the woman who was on “Good Morning” ???!!

— Wow - thanks Kathryn — You just stopped me from making a big boo boo.

I was about to send a letter off to her to ask if she would support my latest fund raising venture involving country music … so far Ken Barlow interested but not quite the same… I could have really put my foot in it there.

Love Joy xxx

Hiya Joy Must admit I would have continued to sink my foot ever deeper. A nice “how sorry to hear this” letter with an, in view of this perhaps you would consider support etc. etc.

I believe that in fact on Tletxt [of Ceefax] can never remember which is which, they did state that they hoped it was successful and that further scans show nothing more “at this time”.