Shivers and shakes

I would love to hear from anyone who is/has suffered from shivers and shakes?
I have just completed my third tax and will be starting FEC on Monday.For the past week I have suffered with really bad cold shivers, I would describe them as ’ someone walking over my grave’.
I rang my onc nurse and she asked me to go in to have my temp checked and had blood test too but was given the all clear. I went in again today for my pre chemo bloods and mentioned it to the doc but she had no answer for me and has put them down to a SE of the chemo.
whilst waiting for an MRI later today my body shaked vigarously for about twenty minutes, I took a couple of paracetamol and the symptoms eased and luckily I was still able to have the MRI.

Any ideas???

Mel x

Hi Mel,
I’m on fec and have had the shivers on and off for the first 5-7 days of each one, I was wondering whether it was because my wbc is rather low so interested that someone else is having them! I’m asking my onc about them on Monday as my temp goes all over the place!

I’ll post any reply!!


This is weird on monday and Tuesday one week after my last tax3, I had shivers and shakes off and on all day. I took my temp which fluctuated from 37 to the dreaded 38. I had warm baths and went to bed but felt awful. Wednesday am woke up feelin fine! Presumed it was tax3 se??


Thank you for your posts ladies, feel better for sharing and knowing I’m not alone!

Mel x

Hiya, i had shivers and shakes aft first 2 TAX, did take ibruprofen and paracetamol but didnt really seem to help, you arent alone! I think the side effects of tax are a lot worse than my 4 FEC i had before. The aches and pains are the worst, but as I only had tax3 on thursday they havent hit yet. Good luck, im counting the days to the last tax in 3 weeks time, having 7 chemos has taken its toll, espcially the tax, thinking of everyone having tax this week, lets hope side effects are kept at bay. ness x

Hi Ladies

just to let you know the shivers have stopped and feel fine again now.

thank you all again for your reassuring posts

Mel xx