Should I ask for more information or a second opinion?



I’m just a bit unsure what to do! 


I saw a nurse practitioner and sonographer at the breast clinic last week. I was told that they found inflammation and thickening on ultrasound but that it was felt to be of a benign origin. I’m just a bit concerned about why there is inflammation in my breast when I have not had an infection and I cannot think what else might have caused it. 


Should I just wait and ask my GP about the letter that will be sent to him from the breast clinic? Or should I ask to referred to a private breast clinic for a second opinion? Or do you think it would be better to just accept that everything is ok?



If you are unhappy with the outcome you could talk it through with your GP and decide whether to ask for a second opinion / push for an explanation for your symptoms.May be asking the opinion of the nurses on the forum ? Hope all works out ok .Jill x

Thank you Jill. I’m really not sure what to do. I will see what is written on the letter to my GP and take it from there.

Yes - maybe go and discuss with GP when he / you have received the letter from the hospital ?

Thank you Jill1998, the GP still didn’t have the letter from my clinic visit a week ago when I phoned yesterday but I will try again today.


I don’t have private medical insurance (or a high income) but I’m thinking of getting a second opinion from a private consultant as I don’t want to be seen at the same clinic again!

You may be able to ask for a second opinion on the NHS - you could ask to see one of the doctors rather than nurse practioner ?

I found an excellent resource for second opinions of mammograms and breast ultrasound exams: Mammogram Security.