Should I be concerned?


I am 34 with 3 children; 10, 9 & 3. I last breast fed 3 years ago. I have had problems since I was 19 with breast lumps, all benign-2 fibroadenomas removed. This last week, or so, I noticed that one of the little ‘pimples/lumps’ on my areola was ‘swollen’ and larger than usual. It was also quite sore. Yesterday it started to bleed. There is no bleeding or discharge from the nipple itself just this swollen ‘pimple’ that is bleeding. Is this worth getting checked out? I haven’t read anywhere that this is a symptom of cancer so wonder if it is worth bothering the doctor about. Since it started bleeding it’s reduced in size. Thank you for your advice.

Hi Nanny

Your GP should be able to help in the first instance. It may be a local infection, but they’ll be able to reassure you, if it is.

In order to minimise your worry, I’d go see your GP as soon as you can this week.


Hello Nanny,

I really do think you should see your GP. Its nothing like what i have got but i think every change/pain or worry about your breasts should be seen by a doctor. Maybe someone else on here might have an idea what it could be but really only a doctor can tell you if its something or nothing… Get phoning for an appointment TOMORROW!!!

Please keep in touch and let us know how your appointment went and your very very welcome to join in on our little chats as iv found everyone here are sooooo special and caring.

take care
claire xx

hi hon as you have had benign lumps in the past and your milk ducts have been in use, i would reccomend you go to your gp and get them seen too babe
support here chick

Hi all,

thank you for your comments. Before I headed to the docs this morning I had a check myself and found a very small lump in the same breast. I am so lumpy anyway so wondered if it’s in my mind. Anyway, the doctor checked and agreed I am very lumpy and said that the pimple on my areola was indeed prominent and I was right to get it checked out because of the bleeding. She has decided to give me a week of antibiotics as my glands are apparently swollen too… I assume they are the ones in my arm pit? My other breast occasionally leaks or at least I have never seen any fluid leak out but it does crust over now and then so something must be coming out! Today she said it was crusted over. So one breast has a crusted nipple and the other has swollen glands and a bleeding pimple on the areola. Does this all sound like an infection? I just don’t know.

She said I have to go back in one week to have another check to see if the antibiotics have worked. If not then she will refer me for a routine scan. I felt fine when I left but now I am wondering why I would even have an infection in my breast… haven’t had one since I last breast fed. I am also concerned slightly that the glands were up. But I guess one more week won’t hurt and she is probably right in that I have an infection. So I will just have to wait & see and have decided to not panic as she seemed very OK about it herself.

Again, thank you for your comments and support. I will let you know how it goes.

H Nanny,

So glad you went to see your GP. Fingers crossed that it is only an infection and nothing else, but do keep an eye on it and write down anything you notice over the next week so you can go to her with a list ( my gp told me to do that between hospital appointments)… if your anything like me you will forget everything till you walk back out the doors.

Take care and please do join in on our chats whether to air your worries/ have a moan or just have a good old chin wag.

claire xx