Should I call the treatment unit or not?

hello all. I am after some advice please.


i have secondary bc in both lungs and on Friday last week I had round 11 of 12 of paclitaxol.


Sundays are usually a pretty rough day post chemo but yesterday was just horrid. I don’t usually take any anti sickness tabs on Sunday’s as the nausea has usually gone by then.  Yesterday, I was just so nauseous, and with a very upset tummy too.  Overnight I started vomiting, and felt generally horrid - hots, colds, shakes but no temperature.  In the early hours, my husband started with what appears now to be a gastric type bug.  I’ve managed to drink plenty of fluids, but struggle to eat as I have oral thrush on top!


my question is - should I call the triage number they’ve given me.  It appears to be a common sickness bug and I really don’t want to be taking it into hospital do I? I’m sure the staff wouldn’t thank me in any way??


I would really welcome our thoughts please - hopefully they will help me to actually make a decision!!


thanking you hugely - in anticipation 


I would ring and tell them what is going on,I was told they would be more upset if you don,t get in touch,as that is what they are there for. Good luck and hope you are feeling better very soon All the best Fiona xx