Should I cancel appointment

Hi I have been having problems with my breasts for at least a few years start was discharge a few years back but mainly pain shooting pain burning stinging even woke me up one night it was that bad. About 3 weeks ago I felt a lump the doctor confirmed said it was about 2cm got referred to breast clinic and my appointment is wednesday and surprise my pain is now very little and not sure if I can feel the lump. I can feel other lumps but think it’s tissue Do you think I should cancel my appointment as I don’t want to waste anybody’s time unsure as had pains constant for past 4 months

No you definitely have to go and have your breast checked at the breast clinic.

This is extremely important so do this for yourself.

There is nothing worse than the fear of not knowing and if you don’t go you may not feel any better about it, I went through all the same feelings when I first found my lump but did the right thing and went and got it checked out, mine did turn out to be just fat but they biopsied another area they found on the ultrasound which also turned out to be a harmless fibrodenema although and don’t let this frighten you but they did pick up by sheer accident a few grade 1 cancer cells just starting to develop at the side of it so I was incredibly lucky, I can’t deny I didn’t feel it at the time but a few months on with it removed and knowing fully what it was I’m feeling good and very grateful I had the courage to go, I’m starting 3 weeks of radiotherapy tomorrow and feel absolutely fine about it, I know it’s utterly terrifying but they look after you very well and at least you will know one way or another what is going on, good luck love, be brave and go and get it checked out xx Jo