should I get another opinion

Hi, I am 31 years old and found quite a large lump on my left breast. It appeared about 2 months ago, so I went to the doctors who refered me straight away to the breast clinic. They did an ultrasound on the area and it was all clear and nothing to worry about! I since then realised that with my bra off it sits alot lower on my breast than where I originally found it and where they scanned. Over the next few weeks I had swelling in my left armpit (only twice), and now get very occasional stabbing pains in it or aching heavy pains where the lump is, so I went back…the doc said she could definetly feel a large lump so refered me again. When I went back today they said they were happy with the previous scan and that it was thickening tissue (size2) if it was a size 3 they may worry and do more investigation, but it is fine, and this is normal for my breast! This is NOT normal for my breast and I was hoping to feel releived today but instead I still don’t feel satisfied that its ok. Can anyone tell me if this is normal or if I should seek advice from another doctor?

Thank you!

hi kat , i would definately go back and keep on at them tell them that it is defo not normal for your breast better to be proved wrong twice than regret not going back i am sorry you have to go through this hugs xxx

Def go back - my breast sagged and I had a lump which we thought was an infected cyst but unfortunately turned out to be BC. It was only after the biopsy that we found out it was BC so although it is probably nothing tell them you are not happy and insist on a 2nd opinion. Otherwise you’ll only be thinking what if.
Good luck xx

Thank you for the advice… and the hugs!
Its amazing how much it takes over your thinking. The guy I saw was adament that he would’nt do another scan even though I said they scanned the wrong area, even though he said it was a size 1 when I went the first time…so it had grown to a 2 in less than a month. I think maybe it was my age as straight away he said it was hormones and yet I have to just ignore that I have a huge lump irritating me all the time, I can feel it without touching it.
Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, and Ginge23 I am so sorry you are going through that!
Take care and big hugs xxxx

Hi Kat31

Another suggestion for you - how about going back to your GP and asking her/him to refer you to a different breast screening centre as you are not happy with the one you were referred to.

Your GP must have felt it warranted being checked or you would not have been referred twice. Maybe you could ask for a biopsy to put your mind at rest.

All the best and a big hug. xx

Hi Kat did they do a mammo before the scan, if not then I would definately go back. Was told after reqyuesting a scan that a scan can and will only look a a small precise area of the breast,to do full breast scan on a 34/36" bust size would take at least 1/2 hour per breast.If you had a mammo first they would clearly have known which area to look in and personally I wouldn’t be too worried if not I’d go back. Good luck with what you decide.

Hi Kat31,

Obviously you are worried, or you wouldn’t have posted here - and it’s horrible to worry and for that reason alone I would push for further tests.

Most lumps are benign and half of the biopsies taken come back negative and i also think that cancerous ones don’t move (am i right there?) but I just thought I would tell you my story. I am 33 and went back 3 times for ultrasound scans - each time I was told there was nothing there and given different antibiotics. So 3 radiographers and one very experienced breast consultant told me it was fine. The last time I went I begged for a biopsy just to put my mind at ease, but I’m afraid to say it wasn’t until I cried and cried that they relented. Turns out I have 3 cancerous lumps - one over 9cm, one is 3.5cm and the other is 2.5cm!

So, I don’t want to scare you, as most lumps are benign BUT from my experience I would push for further tests!

I really hope it gets sorted either way.


I would go for a second opinion every time. It alleviates the worry and re assures you if both say the same. If second opinion differs go for a third opinion. best wishes.

Thank you so much for all the advice! Sandytoes…I know what you mean, its like banging your head against a brick wall. They didnt do a mamo and wouldn’t do a second ultrasound and it kind of makes you feel silly asking and asking. I think I will do as ragamuffin suggested and ask my gp to refer me to someone else. I have never worried like this about anything and when they told me the first time, that was fine, I ignored it…until it grew! I am not the sort to stew on something that is nothing, but it is there and even at night I have to keep turning over as each side I lay on hurts it. I don’t know if normal thickening tissue would do that as I have never had it before. I will keep pushing and keep you all informed. I find it very surprising when there are SO many people affected by bc that they wouldnt be more thorough with each individual regardless of age and family history.
Good Luck to all of you and BIG HUGS xxxx

You have a right to be referred to a hospital of your choice - if you happen to live anywhere near a centre of excellence I suggest you go back to see your GP and insist on being seen there ASAP. I hate being seen to make a fuss but if I hadn’t, some of my medical treatment (for breast cancer and other medical conditions) would simply not have happened.

Put your foot down with a firm hand!

Good luck.