Should I get Dr Susan Love's breast Book?

Hi Ladies

Wonder if anyone has read this book and if this is useful?

Or do you have any other books to recommend?

Or should I just listen to my own doctor/nurse and not to read other books at all??



I have it at home - its very technical and to be honest I have only flicked the pages a few times, there are other better reference books that are a bit more “user friendly”



I really liked the book, well books I bought 2 editions. I found it very useful but everybody’s different.


Depends what you are looking for. Why not borrow it from your local library first. That’s free. Then if you find it helpful you can buy a copy.

I love this book and it has seen me through the various stages. I am half way through chemo now. I would warn you that she talks quite bluntly in parts so I had to miss bits out early on as they scared me. I did not want to know survival stats which are in there so missed that bit until I felt I could comfortably read them. A very personal thing but I have about 9 Bc books and this is the best for facts although I also love the personal stories and have reread one of those 4 times now. it is like a friend I go back to. Check which version of the love book you get.
Lily x

I haven’t read it… yet, that is.

At the moment I’m personally concentrating on trying to get some balance back in my life and seeing as I spent the first 6 months of this eyar with the word cancer ending almost every thought I decided that I’ll read things like that later, if and when I need to.

I’ve concentrated on reading information that’s pertinent to making informed decisions about my treatment now, eg a couple of books called “coping with chemotherapy” and “coping with radiotherapy” which are written by an oncologist who has written info for cancer backup.

At this stage I’m very ware of reading what I consider patient written materials such as Jane Plant as I see these people as having a vested interest in convincing us that they’re right to justify their decisions. I might read it later.

Susan Love’s book does sound interesting though, but for later, when I’m out of chemo as it makes you more that a little emotionally unbalanced I’ve found.

I’m the sort of person who likes to be as fully informed as possible. Like SueCheshire I have 2 editions of Susan Love’s book. I think its the best factual reference book on bc there is, though inevitbaly even the latest edition is a bit out of date. For me its refreshing to read well written, factual, realistic information. There is so much hype and cover up in cancer books.

I also recommend anything written by Musa Meyer…another US author. particularly After Breast Cancer. I think many UK published books are poor by comparision…and too superficial.


It is a “must read” - well I have found it to be so. An invaluable reference book to have to hand. Like Jane my way of dealing with this is to be as informed as possible.
There are a few irritating gaps - nothing much on lymphovascular and perineural invasion and their prognostic importance - but I suspect they will come with the next reprint.
I don’t find it unsettling at all - it just lays out most of the facts and scope of the disease as we know them at the moment.
I can’t go near memoir stuff like Dina Rabinowitz etc. That really depresses me even if it’s supposed to be inspirational.

As for only listening to your doc/nurse - no absolutely not! I think it is crucial to be as informed as possible so you are treated as an equal in your tx. Much of your treatment is about options, negotiation and informed choice. I think it is essential to know what questions to ask.

thanks for your nice tips here ladies.

take care

I like Dr Susan Love’s book.
Also “My Mummy wears a wig, does yours?” by Michelle Williams-Huw.