Should i go back to GP?


I posted the other day for the 1st time (worried Re.HRT) Thank you for your support.(but even more worried)

I am 33 & been on HRT since i was 26 (because had hystorectomy) - Found a lump in my L breast (said last time it was R!!! Not sure why!!) Went to see GP 24th Aug He said that i was very lumpy and would get me to see DR at Breast clinic! Finally got appointment for 22nd September.
Have been concerend as i was getting pain in my nippel and could not find any info on this, BUT have also been getting leekage from the same nipple. Now found out from surfing the web that this is a sign of BC (can’t seam to stop shaking now - been fine till i found this)
Has anyone had these signs???
Not sure if i should go back to the GP & let him no?!?!?
I no there maybe a very slight chance of it being that because of the HRT & the fact that i am very over wight (since the hystorectomy) Also don’t no if would have anything to do with the fact that at 19 i had pre cancerous cells found in a smear & had to have treatment??? (sorry just fretting now) & still nearly a week to wait.

Thank You For Your Time.

Hannah X

Hi Hannah,

I think I would let the GP know, he may be able to speed things up for your appointment at the breast clinic. Discharge from the nipple can be a sign of BC but it may be something totally different. Bottom line is you have to get it checked out and the sooner the better for your own peace of mind.

My experience is I was diagnosed in May 2007 with BC. I had no pain whatsoever and the only time I had discharge from my nipple was when I had the mammogram.

Everything crossed for you, take care


Hi Hannah

I agree with Veggie that you should let your GP know. I’d get an appointment asap as at least that way you can get his opinion. He will be in a position to say whether that means your appointment should be hurried up becuase of the nipple pain and leakage. I would let him know how stressed your feeling too.
I also think you should definitely ask whether you should stop taking the HRT as a precaution.

I did have cancer but no leakage from the nipple.

It is impossible not to worry and that’s why you need the assessment from the specialists. 22nd is not that far off although I know it feels like a lifetime.

Take care
Elinda x