Should I have more surgery ?


I’m confused and wonder whether anyone out there has the same problem ?

ive had a mastectomy and reconstruction, an implant and reduction on the good side. I then had a nipple made,some lypo filler and my dog ears tidied up.

my problem is that I still have excess skin & fat (a lump) in the middle and still have a dip on the cleavage side of the implant. I can accept that they will never look the same but the reduced side projects out about an inch more than the implant side.

so basically I still have dog ears and no cleavage ! I went back to see the surgeon and she is reluctant to do more surgery and I’m to think about it and go back in 4 months. She is concerned about infection as I’m diabetic but I’ve had no problems previously.

i don’t want to sound ungrateful for the work that’s been done but should I just accept how things are or insist the surgeon does more ? 

Overall the results are good, I do like my new breasts but the odd bits knock my confidence.

Hi I had tissue expanders inserted at time of mastectomy but then had hemaetoma which displaced left expander and I had to go back into theatre! Up,until this stage I had a neat line of staples going right across chest. I was stitched following this surgery on the one side and I then had,a lump,in the middle! I have since had further surgery to,remove expanders and re place with implants and I had to,have an implant replaced with smaller one because the radiated skin couldn’t cope!? I too,have flaps,of,skin! I,am seeing the surgeon on Tuesday to see where I go next!!! I can disguise the fact that I am now uneven and one wonders how much more surgery I have to put up,with to make the site acceptable???

Hi, I am a type 1 diabetic, had a lump removed and 20 sessions of radio. I was left with a boob a cup size smaller thanks to radio and a tethered scar as my lump was in deep and the internal scar fixed onto the wall of muscle behind chest, so it looked like bum cheeks ?. I asked for the scar to be released and fat transfer to level out the scar and increase the size to the same as the other one. My surgeon said he was willing to do what I wanted so long as I fully understood the risks, there were a lot, but the main one was infection so we overcame that with a antibiotic drip after surgery and a 7 day course of them on returning home, he wanted me to stay in overnight, I did not, so I didn’t but that’s another story. Anyway I saw him a week later, no infection, healing well and bruises virtually gone ? and he fixed the scar so well that you can hardly see it and obviously it’s early days for the fat transfer but at the moment I have normal looking boobs both the same size ?so if I were you I would insist they do it so long as you can accept the risks, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong but in all honesty I hated the way my boob looked so I had to a least try to get it fixed. Good luck in whatever you decide xx

If you can cope with more surgery ask for more.

Can I ask you: did the surgery affect the sensitivity of the reduced breast a lot?