Should I insist my son gets checked?


I think Im getting too used to posting new convos already!! But hey…
Since Ive got bc and secondaries, Im already aware that my son is now at higher risk, but how do I go about getting info or setting up consult for him. Hes 17yrs old, 18yrs in Nov, so technically am I allowed to intervene on his behalf. Im all too aware of the negative sides of gp ignorance, personal experience meant, so I dont want him being ignored if he tries to brooch the subject at his age. Ive already read how ‘nicky’ has been diagnosed the youngest ‘victim’ so far, and Im wondering/asking how difficult/easy it is for men to be heard by thier docs concerning bc?
I would appreciate some mens views/experiences to this please.


Hi Gem

I’ve never thought of looking at the ‘men diagnosed with breast cancer’ forum before so hope you don’t mind me posting here!

Have you thought about having a word with your oncologist about your concerns for your son? I’m in a similar position having secondaries as well but I have a strong family history of members of my family (my mum and her sister) being diagnosed at a young age and my concerns are whether I have the BRCA2 gene which means that my son (he’s 20) is at an increased risk of having prostate cancer.

My brother has been having regular blood checks since he was 40 to see if his PSA is okay.

I would talk to either your oncologist or breast care nurse to see what they think - they may not have the answers but at least you’ve broached it with them. The other thing is seeing whether you can get any information from any of the research sites (Breakthrough).

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Hi Gem

You may find BCC’s publication on familial breast cancer helpful to read, I’ve posted the link for you to read a copy online. Hope this helps.

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Hello Gem
How you doin?
In reply to your post i think you should defentaly take your son to the doctors to be checked out as i had a lunp from the age of 21 which wasnt at the time cancerous but formed into cancer 3 years later!
I know from my own experience with doctors that you need to go on at them to take a proper look which unfortuntly me being a man i never thought id get it and neither did the doctors i see.
if you ever would like to talk or your son would like a chat im always here for support and maybe your son would feel more comftable talking to a guy.

Any way hope everything goes o.k

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Yes men do need to be educated to be more body aware and better at going to doctors with any problems…but a good start would be for him to be aware of his testicular and prostate health, and at his age his sexual health. About 300 men are diagnosed in the UK annually with breast cancer, and I don’t think many of them are under 30 or even under 40.

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hi Gem, i am just waiting to find out if i will be tested for brac1/brac2, not sure which one, i am aware that all three of my children now have a higher risk of bc/prostrate if i do carry the gene, i have spoken with my 25 year old son, but i am a little loath to go into too much detail with my 17 year old son and my 16 year old daughter as they are both still in full time education, enjoying their youth, my husband and i have decided that we will broach the subject with them regardless of the outcome of testing when we know one way or the other if i carry the gene, we both just want them both to have a worry free time, i have always told my daughter to check her breasts mid cycle and the same for both sons, the youngest ones do not appear to be aware that they are at a higher risk and i see no point in having them worry when they have enough on their plates with study and enjoying life, i know this will change if i do test positive, but that will take time, i feel the hardest thing for me will be if they have to be tested too, its like handing your child a time bomb.


Dont usually veture to the men section but I to have asked my GP if my sons are at risk as there is a family history of bc I am the third generation to get get bc I am 42, my GP was very good and showed my youngest son how to check himself and told him what to look out for, I did ask about testing for brac1/brac2 but have been told that even if I am postive they would not test my sons as men are at less risk which sounds mad to me.

Debra x

Hi Debra

I don’t think your GP told you the correct information because if you did have the BRCA2 gene then the male side of your family would have a 50/50 chance of developing prostate cancer.

I’m waiting to see if I’ve got one of the genes (I’ve already had a diagnosis but my cousin wants to know for her daughters plus I want to know for my son, brother, nephew and nieces). My brother is now 46 and has been having regular PSA blood tests since he was 40.

They probably won’t test your sons for the gene but at least, when they come of a certain age, they should be able to ask for the PSA test.



Thanks for the information I have been in hospital again for more surgery and whilst I was there meet a lovely lady who told me were to go re genetic testing for myself so I plan on contacting them next week.


I personally think that men should also get checked for braca genes as although their risk of getting breast cancer is small, they can transmit these faulty genes to their daughters[50% chance] I heard in news that a couple had pre natal diagnosis [like amniocentesis test] This ofcourse is a personal choice.Its a difficult choice. Most of my family members who carried this gene , died and I know only 2 surviving, this had a huge impact on me.I think its a personal experience which also affects the decision.