Should I see the doc?

Think I already know the answer to my qestion…I have a swollen axillary gland under my right arm and have had for some time maybe a year but it has got much more noticeable lately, especially when I shave underarm. I have done some reading on various sites (inc this one) and can’t really find anything/anyone who has similar. Approx 18 months ago I was diagnosed with fibrodenoma in right breast and also two small cysts in my left breast but told no no need to return to the breast clinic. Any thoughts/advice from other ladies who have had similar welcome! ps I found this site brill when I first found the fibrodenoma lump

Yes, You should see the doctor but don’t automatically think the worst. My brother had a lump in his armpit which turned out to be a sebaceous cyst, which they removed. Not cancer at all.

Good luck.

Ann x