should i stop neupogen/filgrastin when neuts revive?

hi folks

i wondner if anyone can help. i had really low neuts (0.5) on friday and was given five neupogen injections to take home to boost them. i’ve had three of these, and had bloods done again today. results show my neuts are now 37 (woo hoo), but i forgot to ask whether i should keep going with the injections?

i’ve phoned the clinic and the BCN and left messages but no one has come back to me and i’m due to inject soon. anyone been in this situation? what advice were you given?

thanks, judes

Hi, I am certain your advice will be to finish the course but I had mine religiously all the way through as directed but stopped just short on the very last chemo session, they said it was up to me as I was getting such bad back pain that there was no way I could get around. If it were me I would take tonights and ask tomorrow again, or even just finish the course and it will be reviewed before the next chemo. I dont think there is any harm if you take it past the point at which you need it, but if you need it and dont have it the risk of neutropenia is high. Hope this helps!

thanks daffodil, that does help. damn tho, i was hoping to escape it! but i’m sure you’re right. that’s the sensible thing to do.



I’d do the whole course to be on the safe side.

Laurie x

so, just for completion, i gave myself the injection then i spoke to the BCN the next day and she said it would have been better NOT to have had it. i didn’t say that for me it would have been better if someone had returned my calls!

sorry judes i hadnt noticed this post… but maybe they need to give you a cut off from when you stop it if your neuts start getting too high, especially as high neuts could disguise an infection.


Good point Lulu. Hadn’t thought of that. I’m just so grateful they finally decided to give me Filgrastim after 2 hospital admissions…