Should I wait? or pay?

Hi there, I found a two hard lumps in my breast last night and I knew straight away something was wrong. This morning my GP referred me to see a consultant and my hospital rang me this afternoon to book me in for a week on Wednesday.

In the meantime, plagued with anxiety, I rang the local private hospital who can fit me in to see a consultant tomorrow. It sounds like I’ll be able to get a diagnosis tomorrow rather than spend the next 10 days worrying.

Does anyone have any experience of this? Or know the price of a full diagnosis including a biopsy?



The anxiety is terrible, its the unknown isnt it?!

I googled private healthcare and came up with various prices, If I can remember correctly it was £80 for a consultation and £195 for a mammogram - this was way over my budget, so Ive waited for my appointment its tomorrow now - feels like a lifetime but its here now.

Sorry I cant be of any real help, Im sure someone else will know more

Take care xx

Waiting for appointments is a hideous time but in case this is any help, I’m almost three years in from diagnosis. Mine was the most common sort (oestrogen-dependent, grade two, 70 per cent of women have this kind of breast cancer). My surgeon said that he could have waited six months to operate and I would have had the the same (very good) prognosis. There are some very rare breast cancers which grow very fast but they estimated that I’d had mine for two years and it still hadn’t reached the lymph nodes.

Hi Kate,
I also looked into private, as l considered 2 weeks wait a long while knowing l had breast cancer, when l looked into the cost, it was £6,500.00 for the op alone, without any extras, so likewise it will be the same for you, one thing leads to another, and you will find yourself paying over the odds.
And what you must remember, you will still have to wait to see the consultant and if you need an op, by going private will not give you an earlier op if you need one.
Why don’t you give the breast care nurse a ring at the hospital, l am sure she will reassure you, and tell you to save your money! Yes you will know the results, and if that is all you want then go for it, but as l say it will not get your treatment any sooner
Those 9 days will soon come, we all know the worries of waiting for results
Take Care
Sandra xxx

PS. WasRub Good Luck for tomorrow xxx

Hello Kate
Another one waiting here and I have the utmost sympathy for you.

I spoke to our local private hospital(had a couple of ops there in the past) and the NHS consultant I have been referred to is based there for his private practice. Initial consultation and the ‘triple’ diagnostics would cost aprox. £550 and it wouldn’t have all been done in the same appointment but when the radiologist was available meaning return visits.

For me the appointment would have only been 4 days before my NHS appointment and I couldn’t justify it. Although if it hd been a week or more before I may have considered it!

Like WasRub (feeling like I am stalking you lol)my appointment is tomorrow. The anxiety is tough but you must consider what is best for you

I feel relieved that like you my GP referred me straight away as a friend of mine had to wait for 8 weeks for her appointment. I don’t know how I would have coped (taken the private route I think!)

Sending all good wishes to you

Hi Kate

I actually think that your wait to be seen a week on Wednesday isn’t actually that long. I was considered an urgent case because I was pregnant at the time and my appointment wouldn’t have been for another 2 weeks!

In the end because of previous family experience with this disease I went the private route. I couldn’t have a mammogram because I was pregnant but did have an ultrasound and a fine needle aspiration. I then had to wait for about one hour for the results. Results weren’t good and because of being pregnant I decided to have my op privately too. I had my tests on the Friday and had my surgery on the Monday.

So, the advantage is having initial results quickly but not all the results come through straight away even taking the private option - I still had to wait about two weeks for the outcome of my HER-2 test. I then went on to have the rest of my treatment on the NHS.

The costs for surgery differ as to whether you have a lumpectomy or a mastectomy and would increase if they had to perform a second operation.

I look back now, 4 years on from dx and still think FOR ME I made the right decision.

Good luck with whatever decision you make - the worry, uncertainty and the waiting is awful.

WasRub - good luck for tomorrow too.

Love xxx

Hi Kate
I went to the doctors last tues and my appt for the breast clinic is this thurs. The waiting is hard I know I went private about 5 yrs ago because I thought i could feel a lump and the wait was a lot longer. the ultrasound was double the price of the mammogram and then there was the cosultation fees. As i say the waiting just makes you worry more. What I’m doing is getting up everyday and put my mind in to something else today i bought plants and put them in, you just have to try and find some other distraction its hard but then next wed will soon come round.


I was diagnosed privately this was because my GP would not refer me as urgent and I would have had to wait 6 to 8 weeks for appointment.the cost from the first consultation to being diagnosed was nearly a thousand pound.I had grade 2 with 1 node involved and was told that it probably wouldn’t have made a difference if I had waited.Maybe not to the cancer but I think I would of ended up having a breakdown waiting that long.If I had an urgent two week referral I would have waited.I know how anxious it can be waiting but as JJG said Wednesday will soon be hear.Wishing you good luck.

Mel xx

Sorry forgot to add I didn’t get results on the same day I had consultation,ultrasound scan and blood tests then a few days later had mammo and biopsy’s and Xray done,it was a week before I had final consultation and was told deffo cancer.

Mel xx

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all your kind and helpful comments. In the end I decided to pay and see the consultant, which I did this afternoon. Luckily they were cysts. Obviously I’m really pleased, but it’s very touching that you all took the time to explain what you had been through. It’s good to know there are people out there who are willing to help.

Best wishes to you all.


Hi Kate
That is great news you must be very relieved.

really pleased for you kate, you must be glad you spent that cash to have the weight off your mind

Thats good news x

Great news xx