Should my friend be worried.

My friend rang me today to ask me how things were with my mums bc and my lump. We got too talking about her lump that she had last year. I asked her more about it as because she got discharged from the clinic I assumed all was ok.

She had a needle aspiration, and was told the results were inconclusive. She was sent down to have another one, but they could not find a lump as they said the biopsy must have dispersed it. She left the clinic quite happy. Surely there could be cancer cells in there still but dispersed. She is a very silly girl in that she does not ever check herself. I asked her why not and her reply was no thanks, not going through that again I would rather not know. Is she being brave or foolish? Opinions wanted, thanks.

Ps she never worries about anything regarding her health and I do worry at some of the chances she has taken in other ways.


I wondered what others thought about this, I don’t want to push my fears onto my friend as she never worries about anything! But I also want to make sure she is ok too.

I think you have to let her deal with it in her own way Jules - whether that way is foolish or brave is a matter of opinion. You say she never checks herself - how did she find the lump last year?

In answer to the ’ surely there could be cancer cells in there…’ I’m a firm believer that we all have cancer cells of some kind - what triggers them to mutate and present as ‘cancer’ I have no idea. That’s just my theory.

As to worrying about some of the chances she has taken - i think those are her worries - not yours.

Magz x

Hi there Magz

Her boyfriend found the lump during sex and brought her attention to it, even then she left it a while before going to the doctors. I asked her if she has checked herself since and she said no thanks I don’t want to know.

I mentioned it to a guy I know and he said a cancer tumour would be alot harder to disperse and disapear and the fact that seems to be what has happened probably means it was a cyst filled with fluid.

Thanks for taking the time to reply I guess with me and my mum, I am being over cautious with people I care about and the dreaded c word.