Should sisters and Mom get checked out?

Hi Julie

There is a breast cancer risk assessment tool. I found it on Dr Susan Love’s website but if you google breast cancer risk assessment tool, you should find it. It asks a few questions such as how many relatives have had BC. They only ask about first degree relatives, so your Aunt’s history would not be included. I am not sure of the criteria of who is entitled to mammograms. It would seem that most breast cancers are not genetically linked, more to do with shared environmental factors, so fingers crossed your sisters, cousin, mum etc should be OK. It sounds good for you too with DCIS, so best of luck.


They could go for genetic counselling - my sister is. She has had to fill in a massive questionnaire about all the cancers in our family - there are a fair few although I’m the only on with bc. Having a living relative with it is good, as I think they test your samples to see if you carry the gene, which helps them decide if other relatives do too. I have sigend a consent form so that she can have acess to my records. Her GP referred her to the clinic.

It takes a while. Her GP recommended no mammogram as she is 37 (I’m 39) and breast tissue is denser the younger you are so it is less accurate at spotting things amiss.

Good luck with yours


With only one family member affected on your Mum’s side, other than yourself, I’m not sure that you would qualify for screening, as the relatives need to be from immediate family-ie, a sister /mother/grandmother. Had it been you and your Mum affected then screening would definitely be advisable.Sadly cancer is so prevalent that many families will have an aunt/uncle in addition to themselves, contracting it in one form or another, without there being a genetic link.

Hi Julie

I was diagnosed in feb 2008 and my sister was screened as a result of my diagnosis.

She had no symptoms no lump and BC was found grade 3 lymph node involvement. My advice would be insist your sisters are screened.

This has been a nightmare for us. Look after yourselves

Best wishes
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