Shrophire Lasses

Hi Girls,

Have noticed that quite a few of us hail from sunny Shropshire. Does anybody think that meeting up might be quite good? If so, I am o.k to organise.

Count me in horacex

Hi Janeyb,

Not sure if you’re aware but there is a support group that meets every third Wednesday in the month at the Princess Royal Hospital. I have been going since diagnosed in Aug 06 and found it a great support network, there are ladies there that are going through treatment now, some have just finished their treatment, while others were diagnosed many years ago, they are all there to support one another and we have a really good social evening. We also do some fund raising for breast cancer and have social nights out.

If you fancy coming along in March it will be Wed 19th, just go into the main reception area, and follow the Pink Ribbons signs to the educational suite.

Take care - may see you there


Hi Karen,

That sounds good - will aim to be there. Horace - you up for it?


Cant make that one we have people staying all that week.Do you fancy a lunchtime meet before that?Where are you janeyb?

Hi Shropshire Lasses, there is also a thread just called Shropshire that I started back in some month last year, but good to organise as many meet ups as possible. I cannot make as many meet ups as i used to when still on treatment, didnt know about the ones at Telford hospt, would love to goes on those too if I can. sad there as so manyh of us but silver lining, we meet and support and love one another and that cant be bad, love to u all xxxxxx