shropshire/had second oppinion thank god/having reconstruction

Hi everyone
I have invasive ductal carsinoma grade 2. had a lumpectomy. tumour was 2.2 cm and the margins were not clear. I live in Shropshire and when i found out i would need WLE but may need a mastectomy asked about reconstruction.
I was told i could not have it for 6-12 months and my BN and consultant just would not discuss it or provide a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

I cancelled my appointment for surgery next week for the WLE and went to see a plastic surgeon privately. I am having a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction using a flap from my back because thats where most fat is in another hospital under the NHS. when he examined me he said a large chunk has been taken and the skin is tight.

The initial surgery has to be done correctly to allow a good reconstruction. In 2 weeks I have spent hours researching my condition, the possible outcome, types of surgery including plastic and hope i have helped you.

delaying surgery for a few weeks should not make any difference to the final outcome. I knew i would become seriously depressed if I became more deformed or had to be without a breast for a long period of time.

I was rushed by my carers into signing for surgery i was not happy with and today cannot wait to have surgery now that i am happy.
my consultant said when trying to talk me into the second surgery “you know cancer does kill people” how great was that, I like everyone else am scared of all of this but all women should be allowed the choice of plastic surgery or not.

happy days
take care