Sick of complications ! Line infection anyone ?.

Hi everyone,
sorry Im a bit fed up which is unusual for me to have a moan.
I went to a and e on monday with a temp (7days post 1st half of cmf).I had a cough for about 24 hrs also.They gave me a chest xray(clear) IV fluids due to a fast heart.Echocardiogram (fine).Took some blood cultures from my arm.They sent me home as i was due to have my day 8 cmf the following day,also my bloods were neg for infection.
Just started to adminster my anti sickness prior to chemo and i had a funny turn,went vacant,shakey,ready to pass out they wouldnt continue till i had stabilised and they took some blood from my line for cultures.Finally they done the chemo,yesterday they rang to say the lab found immediate growth of staphyloccocci bug in my line culture,so im going to hospital every day for a antibiotic line lock.Ive had the doctor out today as i am having coughing fits,my chest feels tight and Im struggling to breath.Shes given me some amoxyccylin or whatever its called.No infecion bugsfound in the blood culture they took from my arm so they say i cant have an infection in my sistem,yet then say i have a chest infection,i know im rambling sorry im so stressed.
has it happened to anyone else in a similar way ? I can cope with the chemo but not a cold and cough aswell,they think its viral yet prescribe antibiotics ? so much contradiction in care…on a plus point my temperature remains stable !

im guessing i must be the only one then lol

Haven’t had anything like this so can’t offer any advise just a hug and best wishes and to say I’m thinking of you. This whole “C” thing is pants!


I had a line in and got 2 infections and ended up in hospital twice. The second time I was so ill and was in hospital for a week with a drip/antibiotic I was blue and couldn’t stop shaking. I decided to have it taken out as it was, in my opinion life threatening. I don’t know why I had such problems as my friend had no trouble wih hers. I was on herceptin so had a bit of trouble with the needles but I perservered and managed but got a bit paranoid about needles over the 12 months hope you are ok love Eileen

ps my bug was the same one as yours. xx Eileen

Hi Smallstar I also had same infection in bloods which was due to hickman line spent week in hospital on iv antibiotics but did not feel better till line came out ,
I was told if not detected could be life treatening
I have also struggled with the other probs as you say could but up with chemo its just evrything else …
hope it helps Lisa xx

Hi Smallstar

I had repeated infections in a Grouschon line (after I changed hospitals for chemo - I often wonder if this had something to with it) a few years ago. It was a nightmare - at one time I had no less than three different bugs in my system. I spent a week in hospital between in each chemo.

It came out for the last FEC that I was being given, even tho’ I wanted to keep it it in, as the chemo had to go into a vein in the side I had been operated on (already having lymphoedema in the other side).

The uncontrolled shaking is incredibly scary and they are absolutely right - anyone who feels like you have described MUST get to hospital asap. You can go downhill so fast with an infection whilst on chemo. I’m a little surprised that you still seem to be at home, Smallstar, but I hope you’re feeling a bit better now and just a little improved for having a good moan - they are therapeutic, aren’t they?

Take care



thank u all ladies,
my temp went up to 39.4 ive been in hospital since sunday line had to be removed as an havin tazocin and sumthin else neuts were zero they r now .49 after more needles in tum
dunno how im goin to have last 2 cmf my veins are all blown,im hanging on to my canula in my last vein.
soooooo sooooo exhausted nite xxxxx

Small star Im so thinking of you Im feeling it with you I was the same but only had one treatment left when mine was removed but great chemo nurse found a vein so keep your chin up babe it is do able xxxx