Sick of Nausea ...

I was just wondering if anyone else is having the same problems as me. I had 6 lots of Taxotere spring last year (lung, liver and spine mets). I’m currently on arimidex, adacal-D3, Matrifen patches & celebrex. For over a month now I’ve been getting mild to severe bouts of nausea at various times in the day but mainly at tea time. A couple of times I’ve been sick with it. I also have a strange feeling in the back of my throat and have no appetite. I initially thought it was the drugs but after taking only the arimidex and wearing the patch there’s no change. My wonderful nurses have given me domperidone and omprezole but they haven’t really worked. Any suggestions?

Have you tried very small meals and snacking on things like fruit to keep your blood sugar level? Along with extra fluid, that’s really all I can suggest, but it helps me through chemo.


Hi. I’m on cyclizine. I also get help from a good homeopathic doctor. Before treatment and for two days following I have an Aprepitant tablet. The chemo nurses told me these are very expensive and you have to push for them. However, this combination is working well for me and my nausea is under control. Hope this helps. Nothing worse than nausea!!

Sadie Xx

I was exactly the same untill I was prescribed aprepitant(emend) wished i got it sooner as it really worked so dont suffer in silence ask for it

I’m with Julie, don’t suffer, just pick up the phone and ask for seomthing that works for you, I was shocking on my FEC-T but eventually got an antiemetic that worked,
bw Nicola

Thanks everyone for the advice. It’s over 10 months since I finished my chemo and I thought I’d done with all the nausea. Going to discuss it with my onc next week, so wish me luck …

I’m in the same boat accept with diarrhea too. I finished 6 courses of tax in dec and I’m on ibandronic acid, aromasin and zoladex and I’ve had lots of tests, all of which came back negative. I’ve discussed it with my onc but I am thinking it’s just something to do with the drugs.