Sick of the sight of hospitals

Hello Ladies,

Hope everyone is doing ok, sorry once again for not being around this last week or so, but I have an enormous excuse!! I’ve been in hospital since last Sunday with appendisitis!!

They kept me in as I had a Laproscopy led Appendoctomy, and during the laparoscopy, they thought my Utereus looked enlarged and called the Gynae in to have a poke around (scuse the pun). He wouldn’t let me go home til I’d had an ultrasound scan. I went down for the scan and my uterus was fine!!! I could have gone home like 2 days early… but my right ovary is polycyctic and my left one has a 4cm cycst on it, but since I have PCOS, I didn’t expect anything any different!

Well I’m home now and not looking forward to Tuesday, as thats when I’m back in for my breasts! The lump in my left breast is still there, I thought it had gone, and its STILL leaking, and I’m going to request that my right one be removed, the lump I mean!!

Hope everyone is well

Heidi xx