Sick pay?

Hi all not sure if anybody can help me.
I have been working roughly 25 hours a week in a bakery tearoom.I have been told it would be better if i didnt work through chemo as i am at risk from infection due to working with the public.
I have been on sick 3 weeks now but only got 1 full weeks pay as i had to give 3 days notice and i also work a week in hand. Company policy is that i will get 6 weeks sick pay (not sure how they work out how much ) but i got about half of what i am earning.
How do i know how much is work and how much is goverment paid. Will i get sick pay after the six weeks and if so do i need a special form or do work do it. My boss wasnt sure?Also how much can i expect to get.
My hasband is self employed and doesnt earn a bad wage(except when hes lots of time off to come to hospital with me,then he gets nothing)so we are lucky in that way. Im not sure if what he earns will affect mine.
I read that if you earned over a certain ammount each week you will get stat sick pay but it didnt tell you how to get it .
We only moved house 2 months ago and have just taken on a bigger mortgage so would be really helpfull to find out.
Many Thanks if you can help me Lisha xx


Sorry I can’t help you but I would suggest looking on the government DWP website. Think it’s something like That will probably give you (and your employer) a better idea and I’m sure there will be a link to a helpline. Perhaps you may be entitled to other benefits too…no harm in asking!


Thanks Lizcat,
I am going to check that out now .
Lisha xx

I think everyone gets

Hi Everyone should get Stat.Sick pay for 28 weeks, this is paid by your employer, you have to give him sick notes before he can pay it.I think it is about £80 a week.
Hope that helps

Thanks rosie. Thats just what i needed to know
Lisha xxx

You must be entitled, ie paid enough NI and earn around £100 a week I think it is.

Dear lisha,

The BCC publication on “BC and benefits” may be helpful for you. I have attached the link:

Very best wishes

BCC Facilitator


If you earn enough to pay NIC at your job you are entitled to receive SSP.

Paid by your employer. You say you received half-pay. It is calculated daily based on the number of days per week. The Direct gov web-site will have the details or if you are feeling up to it log onto the HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) web-site; go into the “Employers” tab & find the booklet which explains sick pay. This is an employers guide but no reson why you shouldn’t open it.

You are entitled to SSP; if paid by empolyer check the amount is at least equivalent to the SSP rate as you should not receive any less.

Possible you may be entitled to other benefits; do you have a local Citizens Advice office you could visit.

Hope this helps.

Take care

Macmillan centres have a benefits adviser. They may be able to give more specific advice than a CAB as they’re more knowledgeable about cancer and sick benefits related to that.

Thanks everybody .
Im gonna try some of the helplines and links suggested . As far as i can work out you get 81.60 for 28 weeks then it stops .Just trying to work out who pays this as i am entitled to 6 weeks sick pay through work but only got the 81.60 so hoping this doesnt stop after 6 weeks .Not sure how it all fits in?
Will try to find out tomorrow .
Thanks Lisha xx

It’s automatic Lisha, as it’s generated from your sick notes and your employer.
Down side I find is that mine pauses inbetween notes as they lapse. My GP won’t write them in advance.

There are several threads here about ESA (Employment Support Allowance) from the government DWP after SSP runs out, there are various health criteria but I think ongoing chemo is one of the automatically entitling conditions.
As the situation is temporary and should resolve after chemo, it might be worth contacting your lender and asking for a payment holiday or reducing your mortgage payments for say six months This would take some of the stress away. Or if you are working part-time at the tea-shop, is there a chance of looking for extra work that you could do without putting yourself at risk?

SSP is paid directly by your employer and starts after you’ve been sick for more than three working days. For the first six weeks, while you are receiving company sick pay, your employer will pay the SSP and then make up the difference to your usual salary, not including any regular OT or bonuses. When you are coming to the end of the 28 weeks the employer should then send you a letter which explains why you are not entitled to SSP anymore and what you should do next, (which is obviously claim ESA.) There’s a funny form to fill out which you can get from the Jobcentre, which asks you things like can you carry a two litre bottle of milk and can you bend down to pick up an empty box, but like someone else said you should get it automatically when you have ongoing chemo. I’d definitely advise getting in touch with a Macmillan benefit adviser long before you get to this stage though because the benefit system can be a bit of a mine field.

I’m concerned that your boss claims not to know anything about SSP. I hope that’s because either he is farming his payroll out to an external company or the company has a separate HR dept. If he is using an external payroll provider, I’d ask him if you can have a phone number to deal with them directly if you need to. I don’t see how he can refuse when his response to your enquiry was to tell you he didn’t know.

Details to links about ESA are here:
Don’t bother with the link aimed at claimants, it’s so generic and woolly that a plain brown envelope would be more useful. Use the bottom three of the top set of links, aimed at advisors intermediaries and their own staff: especially the handbook DWP1001, the claim form notes ESA40 and details about the medical work capability assessment ESA214. For the last, remember your target is to fail, ie to be judged incapable of work. You want to be put in the Support group who are not expected to actively seek work but may volunteer should they feel up to it. The booklet for doctors is a useful guide too, i think he looks like an onion.
To cure insomnia, or if you want something heavy to throw at somebody (LOL) have a go at the definitive updated guide: *but don’t try to print it*!! see especially page 30 of this, in section 4:


Crawfo, Thanks for the info about SSP, It has been a bit of a mystery how pay office has come up with my numbers for the last few months.

What happens if SSP runs out like mine will at the end of chemo. What sort of chances will I have of claiming ESA? I’m having sugery and rads after chemo. Thanks.

Thanks everyone i understand a lot more now .
I called in at work today and my boss still couldnt help me but she said we could ring up the payroll people together if i go in on wednesday so the problem should be resolved hopefully .
Thanks Lisha xx

elttiks, if you follow the last link above, there is another section like the one I quoted about chemo, but relating to radiotherapy; as far as I understand it is another qualifying condition but do check. Good luck!

OK, here itis from the same document, page 31:


see middle bullet point.

I love how being an inpatient in hospital, explicitly excludes you from having to do work related activity, is it not obvious and common sense that someone ill enough to need it be in hospital is not well enough to work!! How stupid are these people??

I’ve been off sick with secondary breast cancer for 9 months and will be off a year before going back to work. I phoned the helpline and was advised to get an ESA form from my GPS.