Sick pay

Hi ladies, what happen after 6 months, Do i get another sick note from my doctor, and do my work still pay.

Rose x

Hiya Rose! Probably depends on what job you do/ who your employer is??

Marina xx

Hi rose you should be able to get a sick note but statutory sick pay ends but you can claim for something called ESA… Employment and support allowance

You cab giet some info in the direct gov website… The first claim isn’t means tested and is for 12 or 16 weeks can’t remember exactly, but after that I think it is means tqested so it’s then depndant on your income or previous contributions etc.

Think there is also a bcc booklet on finances which one of the mods might be able to point out to you.


Thank you Lulu. will my employers keep my job open for me when the statutory sick pay runs out.

Rose x

It’s deffinatly contribution based, sadly.

Hi, If you belong to a union they will be able to give you info re your job. Try speaking to benefits advisor, we have one who visits our GPs surgery. xx

Great, no job no money::frowning:

Rose is it a permanent job? Then they cannot sack you because you are sick… You are protected under the disability discrimination act.

Hope that helps… It also has links on applying for it… I will be applying for it when my SSP runs out too… It’s fairly hassle free for the first non income based part.

These also might help

I know it’s not loads but it’s better than nothing.

Take care
Lulu x

I recieved my p45 when ssp finished and i’m sure it was generated by my money stopping. Not been able to claim a penny since september, but i’m sure i’m still employed.

Skittle I think maybe you should contact the cab for advice.

And have a look at the DDA too.

When I had Chemo two yrs ago and my SSP came to an end I got a letter from work a couple of weeks before saying it was about ti end. So applied for the non income based ESA which was a flat rate for about 3 months and then got the income based rate for about another three months after that.

My SSP will run out on 1st march so will probably need to apply for ESA again if I’m still having treatment or not fit enough to return to work.

I think you should def get some advise… Have you spoken to your employer? I work for the nhs and they have an Occy health dept who are also involved in my fitness for work.

Good luck

Hi UKRose and elttiks

Here’s the BCC ‘benefits and breast cancer’ publication which you may find helpful:

For further information and support please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat

Best wishes

Re: correct way to terminate employment due to long term sickness
Check new Disability Employment Protection Law!

I suggest that the first step would be to get written clarification from your employer. Therefore, you could write to your manager along these lines;

Dear …

Could you please let me know why I received a P45 and a payslip from you dated …

To date I have not been informed that my employment with (Company name) is terminated. So, the issueing of a P45 would appear to be premature.

The payslip states …
I would appreciate an explanation of what what this payment is for and the period you consider this payment relates to.

I have not received the notice pay to which I would be entitled had my employment been terminated. Nor have I received any payment for the holidays I have accrued while I have been off sick.

I would appreciate a written response at your earliest convenience.

Yours etc.

You might want to include an extract from the following in your letter - just to let your employer know you mean business!!

Send by recorded delivery and if you have an address for the HR department send a copy to them too.

Getting legal advice is always a good idea, but you could wait until they respond to the letter.
In the meantime you could call ACAS for advice if you like on 08457 474747.

Just one further relevant question for you; what does your contract of employment state regarding the amount of notice required to be given by the employer? And have they followed the Company Procedure for Sickness Absence Monitoring - in short, they can’t just sack you for being off sick!!

Contact your local Employment Tribunal office and get a form to fill in, this stinks of Unfair Dismissal grrr…

Good luck!

Paula x

Great advice Paula… That’s excellent!

I went through it all. Firstly with Maggies at dx. Then Job centre, and they refused ESA. I’ve not paid national insurance you see. The penalty for being a stay at home mum. I’m new to working and paying contributions. Last review was as rads finished, and we met with a lady from macmillan. I applied for a grant as she couldn’t help us either. That was November, heard nothing since. All macmillan could suggest was trying to claim back travel costs. Means tested benefits, mean no entitlement for us.

That’s such a pain skittles I remember being in a similar situation following my first diagnosis… I had been a student nurse then a student midwife and was diagnosed the day I qualified as a midwife… As I had been a student for 4 1/2 years I didn’t qualify for anything despite contributing for the 15 years that I worked before being a student… I didn’t have a job so didn’t get anything no SSP no nothing.

Its pants isn’t it… But don’t think they can just make you redundant without an explanation and so long it’s not related to your I’ll health… Eg if they are laying off one department it’s ok… If they are laying off all those who have been off sick for over 6 months it’s NOT ok.

I’m due to see my oncy next week and my sick note expires too so might have a chat with the gp about a phased return. My contract manager tells me i’m still on the wage sheet and he just enters 0 each wage run.
I work split shifts so will aim for the evening shift. I can’t see me starting work at 7.00am for a while yet, but somehow am not sure about the evenings either. Case of having to I guess :o(

Hi ladies, thanks for your support:::slight_smile: I will be getting help to sore out what benefit i can get.

I will let you know what my manager said next week

Rose xx

Hi ladies,
Lulu, I also work NHS, for the last 20 years. I only work part time and 3 weeks ago started back on phased return after 12 months sick.
I am only just managing a 6 hour shift twice per week, I seem to have such low stamina on my legs, Yet today my manager has said she’s gonna put me down to work full 12 hour shifts again. I feel devastated, and now tearful, I dont want to end up going off sick again, and yet i feel they’re pushing me too much too quick, they keep saying i havent got enough annual leave to not do my full hours.
Im seeing Occ health in 2 weeks, This should be a time when im getting back to normal but i feel knocked flat because of manager’s attitude. Im still on herceptin and I dont think they appreciate i cannot physically stand or run around a busy ward for 12 hours yet i am well enough and need to be at work again.
I wish employers would listen more!


If they put you down for a shift you know you’re not safe to do, tell occy health in writing and copy in the manager and your union.
Then go to the GP and get signed off again. The boss has an obligation to maintain a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors.

If you offered to attempt to work increased hours but still split into shorter units that’s a fair compromise, how would you feel about trying 8hours? They must accommodate you for cancer under disability legislation, and only you know what you can and can’t do. Sadly you might never get back totally to the level of health you enjoyed pre-BC and they need to accept that, but pushing it too early only reduces the chance that you will. Doin’t let them bully you. Can you think of a modified role that you could do for more hours (or for a part-shift?)

Annual leave should not be used for your agreed staged return, although it can sometimes augment it, and you can go see occy health before the 2 weeks if you feel it’s urgent; at the very least register with them in some permanent traceable form (letter, email)how unhappy you are about the situation.

I work for the NHS too… the phased return planned by Occy Health was too fast (started at 3 x 4 hours for 2 weeks, then 4 x 4 hours, then 5 x 4 hours then a full day thrown in then full time!) I went back to OH and told them it was too fast… once I got past the “Oh, you’re not coping then” from the receptionist and got an appointment, they were fantastic, and slowed it right down… wrote to my manager (who has to abide by it I think). When I next went back it was 6 weeks after my return and I felt I’d turned a corner, but she still gave me flexibility for another 3 months… Go back… it’s in no-one’s interests for you to collapse, and phased returns are all individual. I am really astonished at how long it’s taking me to get consistent stamina back (like I haven’t got it yet!) and I’ve been back 2 months…