sick with worry

hi everyone ive not been on here for a while in dec 2009 i had wle snb grade 1 tubular well 2 1/2 years on ive just been fr my check up and the breast sugeon has concerns as i have changes to the skin surrounding the nipple and it is now inverted she cant feel anything but is sending me for a scan on wed (i cant have another mammo as its only a few months since the last one) im worried sick it has come back

Aww hugs poor you that is not a pleasant feeling!
I do not understand about the mammogram as I had 2 in 2 weeks when I was first investigated and then another for the vacuum biopsy. Is it cos you have had radiotherapy or something?

Hi tippy1,

Welcome back to the forums, you’ve come to the place where I know you’ll get lots of good, honest support. While you are waiting for further replies do please give the helpline here a ring and have a chat with one of the staff, they’re here to support you. Calls are free 0808 800 6000, lines are open now and until 5pm tonight (M-F 9-5 & Sat 10-2)

Also you might get more response if you post in the ‘Living with breast cancer’ forum as this time you’ve posted in the ‘Living with breast cancer - reconstruction’ forum.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator