now on day6 after 1st chemo. Still feeling bit delicate nausea wise but not as bad as first night, throwing up all night. Have been given more antisickness tabs and an extra one to take 1 hour before next CHEMo sessions. Apparently this is not to be putup with and I should have contacted them sooner. Take note all newbies to CHEMo. Good luck.

Oh dear, what a rotten start to your chemo experience Naturegirl.


You are so right - I was told very firmly when I had chemo to take ALL my antisickness meds as intstructed as it is easier to stop you from starting to be sick than to stop it once it starts.  And I was told to phone them straight away if i started to be sick (thankfully I never was, but I was a creep and took all my pills!)


A couple of quick things that might help


Sipping carbonated water or ginger beer can help ease nausea, and eating anything gingery is helpful for iffy tums in any direction.


Hope you have no more bad experiences and chemo goes as well as possible for you.