Side Effect - Horrible Taste In Mouth

Hi Ladies,

How are we all doing? Mum’s just had the third set of treatment on the new trial drug, few similar side effects to the first time round but no hair loss or actual sickness just that horrible feeling sick, tired, drained, achey as I’m sure your all know.

Tumour Assessment on the 14th April which we are all very on edge about but fingers crossed its good news.

The main reason for this post is a big side effect of Mum’s treatment is this awful taste in her mouth, her breathe aswell, we have tried everything mints, mouthwash, pineapple cubes, lemon yogurt but still there.

Anyone else experienced this and any ideas on what Mum could try?

Thanks ladies

Love to all

Jenna x x x

Hi Jenna

Your poor mum, I know how she is feeling. It’s a really horrid side effect. Apart from all the stuff she has already tried, my chemo nurse gave me some cordysl which helped a bit. Eventually it went but it isn’t pleasant. I think there is some other stuff you can ask for - someone I’m sure will be along soon with the name - don’t suffer in silence, ring your GP/chemo nurse and ask for something to help.

Hoping it disappears soon for her.


Thanks Rachel.

We have been trying to think of things that may take it away but because she is not aloud too many citrus things makes it difficult, I did think maybe like travel sweets that you get when you go on long distances may help and also with the sickness.

Love Jen x x x

hi jen, heres what works for me, 1/2 teaspoon of bircarbonate of soda, dissolve it in a glass, or mug of warm water, give it a stir, then tell your mom to rinse her mouth out with it , tell her to keep each mouthful in her mouth for as long as possible, gargle it and spit it out, DO NOT SWALLOW IT, tell her to do this 3-4 times a day if she can, this also helps clear thrush in your mouth and takes away soreness and helps if you have ulcers, hope this works for your mom, love liz xxx

Difflam! Another mouthwash but it also contains a local anaesthetic which can make you feel a bit better.

If her mouth is white and patchy it could be thrush or some other fungal infection, so a course of Nystatin might be worth a go. Her GP will be able to tell straight away if it is thrush.

Difflam as Choccie has said, I never had the horrible taste, well not yet, its stayed normal, still waitin for that particular se to kick in, but i did have a sore gum and when i mentined it to my chemo nurse she gave me some and said it would help plus if i did get thrush, ulcers etc it would do the trick, it certaintly helped my now not sore gum, hope your mum is ok now xxx

Hi Jenna, I do sympathise with your poor mum.

As others have suggested, mouthwashes will help if mouth/gums are sore, and will also help prevent mouth becoming sore.

I do the bicarb mouthwashes as a precaution against mouth sores/ulcers/gum problems, and it works well for that, but does nothing whatsoever for the foul taste in my mouth, I just have a foul mouth tainted with a hint of bicarb :frowning:

I can’t even drink water at the moment, as it tastes so bad. The only things that I have found that I can drink are ice cold tonic water, or very milky coffee with a tiny dollop of butter in it (I know, sounds revolting, but it works for me, perhaps because the fat in the butter somehow coats the tongue?).

Nuts seem to be one of the few things that still taste as they should, and I find that a small (eggcup sized) bowl of unsalted almonds, hazelnuts, pecans goes some way towards removing the yuck-factor from my mouth, at least temporarily. They’re good for you as well, in moderation, so that’s an upside.

I suspect that it may be a question of suck it and see, as what works for me may not work for your mum, but perhaps worth a try?

Hi -sherbert lemons seem to do the trick for me x