Side Effect ? Taxotere Users

Side Effect ? Taxotere Users

Side Effect ? Taxotere Users Hi

Had my first Taxotere IV at the end of May and apart from a few days of diahhorea have felt perfectly ok. On Wednesday i developed a horrid pain in my right leg from my groin to my knee - by yesterday i couldnt walk…painkillers didnt touch it. Today it has subsided a little and i can at least walk (nothing was going to stop me taking my little girl to schooll) but it still hurts and i was wondering if anyone had experienced something similar - and if so how long it lasted.

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Hi, I have had 3 cycles and I was in excruciating pain with the first one to the point where my OH had to ring the hospital for advice. I was given Tramadol for the pain which makes me really sleepy, but I don’t think I could suffer that level of pain again, it was from the pelvis to my knees and I felt as if somebody was trying to break my thigh bones.

I had severe fatigue lasting 2 weeks with the 2nd cycle and I don’t think this was helped by having severe constipation with it. I had the 3rd cycle last Wednesday - this time I’ve been a bit tired and had a slight ache in my thighs but not a lot else. I’ve also has 2 cycles of Herceptin. I think other posters are experiencing quite a few problems with Taxotere as well, it seems to be very hard going for some of us.

Thanks Cherub - yes the pain you describe is bang on …absolutley excruciating. …the worst pain i have ever had really.

I have made a note of Tramadol and will ask my onc to prescribe.

Thanks again


they can Hi,
They can reduce the strength, I suffered very badly and had to be admitted to hospital for a week due to almost depleated white blood cells.
You could ask about this.