side effects from docetaxol

hi everyone, could someone tell me from their experience, do the side effects of docetaxol get less the further you get into the regime, I am currently 4 of 6 due to have my 5th next Thursday, so far I have suffered quite a bit, but I must admit this last time, (although I am afraid to speak too soon) I feel I recovered somewhat quicker than the previous ones. I would be so grateful to hear other peoples experiences with this dreaded drug. thank you Liz x

I only had three Tax (after 3 FEC)The first of the TAX was the worst. Most people seem to say that, so most SEs probably will lessen, but tiredness might be cumulative.

There are a couple of other Tax threads you might find some info on.

Good luck. Stella xx

hi, i had 4 cycles of fec and i am having 4 cycles of docetaxol, i have just had cycle 7 and i must say this one has taken everything out of me. I am so tired and lack the energy to do anything. sleeping is so difficult, i have had to get sleeping tablets to help me have a some sleep. i have also had a bad reaction to it the last two times, which this caused burns to my hands. I am so looking forward to the end of this treatment.

hi lj, sorry to hear you are having a bad time, I had a reaction too, at the beginning of the 2nd one, each time after that they have started me on the carboplatin first, then the tax, this last time I had it, it burned my face, I didnt think much of it when I looked in the mirror, but the next morning my face was sore and then a few days later the skin peeled of it,it is still a bit sore now, but not bothering me too much at the moment.

All the very best to you and I hope you pick up soon, your nearly through it so keep smiling love Liz xxx

hi elizabethtracey
my s/es were bad so cons reduced the amount he said it doesn’t make any difference to the outcome and i wouldn’t require exrea cycles but i have recovered quicker this time. main issues this time really are the mouth ulcers and mouth feels burnt but compare to last cycle i can cope with that. pse spk to cons about reducing your dose you don’t have to feel so ill from tax. good luck and take care xxx

Hi dixons, my consultant reduced my dose after the first tax, my ses up until this last one, still had me saying to my other half, “I carnt do this again” (even though I knew I would),

I wonder if it seemed easier this last one because I have got to know what to expect, and how to deal with it?

Its a strange way our mind and body seems to deal with things dont you think?

Anyway I will stick with the regime until I have nailed it, I agree the mouth is vile, my taste went after the first dose and hasnt recovered properly I can slightly taste some things, but I have always developed soreness and thrush even taking all the preventatives I found rinsing my mouth out with 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda, dissolved in a cup of warm water, about 4 times a day really helps, DONT SWALLOW IT, if you try it.

All the best love Liz xxxx

HI Liz, so many well dones and hugs for getting through to this point in your tax - I said just the same to my OH after chemo 4 which was Tax one for me ( I had FEC-T). But as you say, you grit your teeth and do another one and the days pass (slowly) and the SEs pass (slowly) and bingo - you are at the end, job done and cancer cells all knackered! good luck with it, Nicola

Hi Nicola, yes with so many of us determined to beat this thing you would think tax would give up on the ses wouldnt you !!!

So heres what I say “bring it on taxy baby, give it your best shot”,

Its the only way I can get through it, tax plays ball with me, I play ball with tax, I am glad when I can think straight though, and even more glad when she allows me to walk!!!

All the very best to you, I hope you dont think I am barmy, honest I am only half way barmy, love Liz xxxxx

As well as all the se’s I have found the loosing my mind the worst!

I xx

h izzi run as fast as you possibly can, and I can assure you, you will catch it again,(may not be able to remember as well as before) but its defo better than chemo/side effect fog lol

all the best Liz xxxxx

Hi ladies, just back from seeing the onc, 7th chemo delayed due to severe pains in my fingers not going away and tax will be reduced by 20% when I do have it next week.Shame as its the easter holidays so will ensure days out before then with the kids! good luck to everyone having tax this week and hope the side effects arent too bad for all, Ness xxx