side effects of chemo

hi everyone, just had my 2nd dose of chemo dex, and carboplatin, i havent got any taste, and i feel really tired is this the norm, i would love to hear of any one elses experience with the side effects of these drugs, i have also lost my hair, which i expected

Hi there - I start docetaxel on Friday, but have had three rounds of FEC already - and from my own experience, the tiredness is absolutely normal. It tends to be cumulative, I’m afraid, so just do what you can, when you can, and put your feet up the rest of the time xx As for the taste thing - I have heard others say again and again that the chemo has killed their sense of taste, so yes, it’s a side effect too.

Hang on in there, it will end -

Hugs from a fellow baldy

Sophie xx

Elizabeth, it is certainly normal to feel tired after a chemo session. I know some forms of chemo result in losing your sense of taste, at least for a while. If you check under the chemotherapy section of the forums, you may find a discussion of the type you are having, which would probably be more helpful to you.


Hi Elizabeth.
I had an odd taste in my mouth and hypersensitive sense of smell after FEC but now on Tax this has subsided. I’m afraid the tiredness is, as Sophie and Cheryl posted, part of the expected side effects. Unfortunately it is cumulative but you will have good days and weeks too.
Do join one or more of the chemotherapy threads as they are a great source of support.
Sue x

hi sue, yes i am a bit fed up at the moment, i am due to go for another session next week, just as i was feeling better, lol, i have also been for some genetic counselling today, they have taken blood and want to check for defective genes due to the fact i have had 2 cancers, left and right breast, i am only 44 now and its young to have experienced this,