Side Effects of Coming off Tamoxifen

I stopped taking Tamoxifen last May/June after being on it for 5 yrs…fortuntely without any problems other than hot flushes and night sweats.
Since coming off it I have had numerous UTI’s…which my GP says could be a side effect to stopping Tamoxifen?
Does anyone know how long it stays in your system for after stopping?


can’t answer your question … I am 2 years into the 5 year tamofixen sentance … but bumping this up for you

Yup, I came off Tamoxifen in December after being on it for just over 5 yrs. Not sure how long it hangs around your system exactly - tho various websites do say it continues working “for a period of time” once stopped completely.

Bumping this up for you as I’d be keen to know too.