Side effects of drug therapy-

Has anybody experienced extensive facial hair following therapy with Arimidex? I ask, because when it happened to me and made me feel extremely embarrassed, there was no support from Oncologists or PCT when my G.P. requested I be sent for laser therapy. I was just told to pay up and go privately. I was working at the time and could afford to do so, but the principle should be the same for all treatments with side effects. Other ladies may not be in a position to be able to pay for their own treatment, which is expensive but not as expensive as re-construction, however a face cannot be hidden. I contacted Cancer Bacup and one of the nurses did approach the company concerned who admitted it was one of the rarer side affects of Arimidex. Has anybody else experienced these problems, I feel people should be aware of the possible side effects, the more voices to be heard then hopefully treatment will be available for all. This is not to take anything away from people who have reconstruction, just an awareness of other highly embarrassing side effects.